Contact the Group Sales Department at (719) 472-1895

    Football (20-50 people)

    Lower Level Tickets - $27 per group member

    Mezzanine - $17 per group member

    Upper Level - $10 per group member

    Football (51+ people)

    Lower Level - $22 per group member

    Mezzanine - $12 per group member

    Upper Level - $8 per group member

    *For Navy football group pricing call 719-472-1895


    *All elements of involvement are extremely limited and require in-depth organization, so book your Falcons in-game experience early

              Field/Court of Dreams

    • Your youth team has an opportunity to play at Falcon Stadium or Clune Arena. (Ticket Minimum - call for details)

      Concourse Performance (Pre-Game)

    • Let us reserve a prime location for your performance group to put on a show in front of Falcon fans as they enter the stadium or arena. Perfect for Cheerleading, dance, talent clubs and martial arts. (Ticket Minimum)
              On Field/Court Group Photo (Pre-game)
    • Recognize your group and commemorate your outing with the Falcons with a group photo on the field/court before kickoff. (Ticket Minimum)
              Group Scoreboard Welcome
    • Let us recognize your group's attendance with a welcome message on the Falcon's scoreboard. (50 ticket minimum)


      Direct Purchase

      Contact the Group Ticket Sales Office at 719-472-1895 to place your group order over the phone with a credit/debit card.

      Online Promo Code

      Promo Codes allow members of your group to purchase discounted group tickets online at their convenience and sit together. No need to collect money or distribute tickets to other members of your group! (75 Guaranteed Ticket Minimum - call for details)

      Online Direct Purchase

      You also have the option to purchase group tickets online with the links below.



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