Q&A with Jasamine Pettie

Nov. 28, 2007

This week on "Off the Court with the Falcons", Air Force fans get the chance to meet junior Jasamine Pettie, a 6-1 native of Baton Rouge, La. One of the Falcons' team leaders, Pettie closed out her third year as a starter with a team-best performance of 11 kills and a .374 hitting percentage in the Mountain West Conference. Over the season, she accounted for 151 kills, 19 assists, 30 digs and 60 blocks.


GETTING TO KNOW YOU ... Jasamine Pettie


How did you get started in volleyball?

-- In junior year of high school, the coach asked me to play




Who are the biggest influences in your life and why?

-- My mom, she's a mom and a friend--I respect her and appreciate all that she's sacrificed for me. She expects nothing in return--just me being happy has always been enough for her.


How do you balance your athletics, academics and military duties?

-- Time management skills--it's a tough balance, but using your time wisely is key


Who is your favorite non-volleyball athlete(s) at the Academy?

-- Anwar Johnson is my hero. He's a great athlete and he's been a good brother to me.


What is your favorite class and why?

-- Any with engineering--it's tangible!


Who is your favorite professor/AOC/etc. and why?

-- Major Ferelle Smith is exactly the kind of officer I want to be! He's been the closest thing to a dad I could ever ask for and I miss him.


What is your favorite place on the Academy grounds and why?

-- The chapel, I love buildings and the chapel is definitely modern and beautiful. I love singing there.


Do you have any game-day rituals?

-- Long list, but it's all about order.


What do you like best/least about playing on the road?

-- I love the beds at the hotels.


What is your favorite road trip story?

-- Robe Party!!!!! That's all I can say!


How do you feel that you are developing into a future Air Force officer?

-- Dealing with the hard days: If this was easy, I don't think it would develop anything. You find out a lot about yourself and your values when you're crutched for time, tired, frustrated, or home sick. I know how far I can stretch myself and what my limits are.


What are some disadvantages of being tall?

-- Finding cheap jeans


What were your first thoughts of the Academy?

-- Wow, what did I do?


Who are your biggest fans?

-- My grandmother and my mom



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