Q&A with Julia Hansen

    Julia Hansen
    Julia Hansen

    Nov. 21, 2007

    This week on "Off the Court with the Falcons", Air Force fans get the chance to meet freshman Julia Hansen, the tallest player on the squad at 6-2. A native of Golden, she is one of six Coloradoans on the team. A four-time winner of the program's "Spirit Award", Hansen has seen action in 26 games. During her initial campaign, she has accounted for 11 kills, two assists, four digs and three blocks.


    GETTING TO KNOW YOU ... Julia Hansen


    How did you get started in volleyball?

    -- My dad played and so I decided that I wanted to try it, and really liked it.




    Who are the biggest influences in your life and why?

    -- My parents, because I have spent the most time with them, and I have learned many life lessons from them.


    How do you balance your athletics, academics and military duties?

    -- Time management and no social life.


    What is your favorite place on the Academy grounds and why?

    -- The locker room because there is a sense of security there.


    Do you have any game-day rituals?

    -- Listen to music.


    What is your advice for young volleyball players?

    -- To never think they are not good enough.


    What are some disadvantages of being tall/short?

    -- Disadvantages of being tall is having to stay low on defense.


    What were your first thoughts of the Academy?

    -- It was a unique place.


    Who are your biggest fans?

    -- My parents.


    What is the best thing about getting a really good block?

    -- The fact that you won that point.


    Do you prefer a great kill or a big block?

    -- Great kill.


    What is the best thing about getting a really good dig?

    -- Knowing that you are backing up your teammates.


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