Bonus Friday Focus: Emily Bucher


    April 1, 2011

    Each week, will spotlight a member of the Air Force women¡¦s gymnastics team with an online feature called ¡§Friday Focus¡¨. With the season winding down, we¡¦re giving out a double-dose of Friday Focus this week. Gymnastics fans can also get to know Emily Bucher, a freshman from Fond du Lac, Wis. Click here to get to know Bucher outside of the gym.

    When you were a little kid, what did you want to be when you grow up? An Olympic gymnast

    What is one thing that you just can¡¦t live without? My family

    What is your favorite vacation spot? Warm and beachy

    What is the most interesting place you have traveled to? Puerto Rico

    What is your favorite drink at Starbucks? Peppermint Mocha

    What is your ringtone? Keisha: your love is my drug

    What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Cherry chocolate chunk. Yum!

    What is your favorite song for karaoke? Something that I can actually sing to and show off my voice a little

    What was the first CD you ever bought? Probably like Britney Spears or Backstreet boys

    What was your first job? I worked at my gymnastics center for open gyms and got to play with the little kids

    If you could be on any TV show, what would it be? Gilmore Girls

    How many hours of sleep do you need (and now ¡K how many do you get?) between 7 and 8. (I get 6 to 8)

    What sports teams do you follow? None

    What do you want to do after graduation? Undecided. Still trying to decide what i want to do now

    What is your proudest achievement? Making it here and being successful.

    What era would you most like to travel to? 80¡¦s

    What is one thing about your hometown that you miss? My family and friends

    What is your favorite movie of all-time? I LOVE Disney of all sorts fº

    What is a secret talent that few people know you have? Singing

    Where is your favorite place to relax? At the Academy, the gym. At home, my living room



    How did you get started in gymnastics? My parents placed me into a class at the local Y at age 2 and it stuck

    What challenge do you find in gymnastics that you don¡¦t find in any other sport? Gymnastics challenges every part of me. Every day, something can be different but it is always worth it in the end to not give up.

    What do you like best about gymnastics? It is exciting and fun, plus it gives you the best friends in the world

    What is your favorite sport besides gymnastics? I really like ice skating, however, I myself, can¡¦t do much more than move forward slowly

    Do you have any pre-meet rituals? I always picture my routines before I go to sleep.

    What is your advice for young gymnasts? Stay with it. Some days suck, but it always gets better. It will be worth it in your future.

    Describe your personality in two words: Caring and friendly

    Who are the biggest influences in your life and why? My parents and my sisters because they are always there for me and supporting me.

    How do you balance your athletics, academics and military duties? Its hard and its definitely taking a lot more effort than I thought it would. You think you have a whole bunch of time, but suddenly there is something new going on and you have to figure out a way to work around it.

    What is your favorite class? This semester I enjoy engineering because it is more hands on and interesting to me.

    Who is your favorite professor/AOC/etc.? I really like my math teacher this semester. Lt Col Boushell. I also think that my AOC Major Youderian is an excellent officer.

    What is your favorite place on the Academy grounds? The gym and athletic area

    What were your first thoughts of the Academy? I love the view and then I started basic and I wasn¡¦t able to look around or see anything at all so I kind of lost that aspect. I then started school and I just realized how hard this place was going to be.

    Who are your biggest fans? My family

    What was your most memorable ¡§welcome to college¡¨ moment? My first meet and finally being able to say I am a college gymnast. The school is more like high school than college so I didn¡¦t really feel like college when I started that other than the difficulty level.

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