Getting to Know...Forrest Jeffery
Freshman Forrest Jeffery

Nov. 16, 2011

The 2011-12 season is underway and is taking a little time to introduce the newest members of the Air Force women’s basketball team—the class of 2015. The final piece of this year’s freshman class is guard Forrest Jeffery.

Where do you call home?
Jacksonville, aka Duval, Florida!!!!

Why did you pick Air Force?
Because it looked like a challenge and also because I wanted to continue my basketball career.

What is your intended major and why?
I am thinking about majoring in English because I love writing and being able to express my ideas on paper.

What do you believe to be a strength to your game?
I believe a strength to my game is analyzing and reading what is going on, especially in reading the opponent.

How have the relationships between all of the freshmen developed?
Our relationship is great…we immediately bonded and we stick together, especially since we can understand what each other is going through. We don’t let foolish things get between us and we have very similar personalities.

Why do you like most about Coach Shay’s workouts and what do you like the least?
When he says “hezzy” lol and the fact that we are learning something fun and different that will also benefit our game. The worst part was that there were not enough water breaks.

What was the hardest thing you had to conquer concerning basketball?
The hardest thing for me concerning basketball was tearing my ACL before the biggest AAU month (July). It was hard to keep myself motivated to try to get back to playing basketball. Knowing that I wouldn’t play my whole senior year and not having a true college commit because of the injury was hard to deal with and made me doubt that I would still have a future in basketball.



What are your goals for the upcoming season – both individually and for the team?
My goals for the upcoming season are to understand the playing style of our team and to match the intensity of the squad and the coaches. I want to contribute as much as possible in as many ways as possible. I want to branch out my abilities and no longer be considered only a shooter like I was in high school.

What is your favorite thing to do away from academics and basketball?
Away from academics and basketball I like to listen to music, read, draw, and write poems or stories.

Who do you miss the most from back home?
I would have to say my niece and nephew. I can talk and text my mom all the time but communication with them is limited. No matter what mood or what I am going through, they always managed to make me laugh. They’re always being silly and are probably two of the smartest little kids you would meet.

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