Getting to Know...Simonne Potts
Freshman Simonne Potts

Nov. 7, 2011

With the season just around the corner, is taking a little time to introduce the newest members of the Air Force women’s basketball team—the class of 2015. Next in the introductions is freshman Simonne Potts.

Where do you call home?
Springfield, VA and San Antonio, TX

Why did you pick Air Force?
The opportunities the Air Force Academy offers are once in a lifetime. I get to serve in the military, play D1 basketball, and have a guaranteed job coming out of college.

What is your intended major and why?
I haven’t decided yet.

What upperclassman is your favorite?
Jay (Jamela Satterfield)! Simply put, she’s real.

Do you have military in your family background?
Yes, my mom and dad are retired after 20 years in the Air Force and my stepdad is active duty Army stationed at the Pentagon.

Who was the main assistant coach at Air Force that recruited you? Describe your relationship with that coach during the recruiting process and since you have been on campus.
Coach Yo recruited all of the freshman class. Considering we were her first recruiting class here and she didn’t know a ton about the military, she did a good job of trying to tell us all about it. She’s easy to talk to and gives good advice. She is someone you can trust, but at the same time, keeps it real with you no matter what.

What other talents do you have?
I like to sing!

What’s your favorite restaurant?

What’s your favorite basketball moment?
My junior year of high school, my team got fourth place at the state tournament.

If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be and why?
I would love to travel to Italy because I was born there. I haven’t been back since I was 6 months old!



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