Getting to Know...Angela Johnson

Oct. 31, 2011

With the season just around the corner, is taking a little time to introduce the newest members of the Air Force women’s basketball team—the class of 2015. Next up in the introductions is freshman walk-on Angela Johnson.

Where do you call home?
San Antonio, Texas

Why did you pick Air Force?
To be a part of something greater than myself and because I knew it would mold / develop my potential.

How was your USAFA prep school experience?
DIFFERENT. I suppose it wasn’t any more of a “shocking-first-time-away-from-home” experience than the direct entries but it definitely helped prepare me for USAFA and I feel like it gave me a serious advantage military-wise.

How has Coach A impacted your life?
She’s ultimately given me a second chance at a sport that I thought would no longer be a part of my life with my injuries and all. She has made me understand the value of hard work; it hasn’t been easy trying to come back but Division I basketball shouldn’t be anywhere near easy, so I’m glad it’s tough.

How many siblings do you have? Do they play sports?
One older brother who played men’s volleyball, basketball and football in high school.

What’s your connection to the Air Force?
Both of my parents are E-9 (retired) in the Air Force.

Who are the top five celebrities that you think are cute?
1. Chris Brown! 2. Tyga 3. Drake 4. Bow Wow 5. Patrick Breeding (B5)

What do you think about Coach Spence and the strength and conditioning program here?
One word: AMAZING! I think that I, more than anybody, need to develop a life of strength and conditioning to keep my knees healthy and I feel like, as sad as it may sound, I probably wouldn’t be able to push myself as much as I do with Coach Spence.



What is your favorite thing to do away from academics and basketball?
Listen to music. I love music with a passion. It’s so soothing.

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