Getting to Know...Jimi Blagowsky
Freshman Jimi Blagowsky

Oct. 26, 2011

With the season just around the corner, is taking a little time to introduce the newest members of the Air Force women's basketball team--the class of 2015. Next up in the introductions is freshman guard Jimi Blagowsky.

Where do you call home?
Edmond, Oklahoma

Why did you pick Air Force?
I wanted to go to a school that I knew would challenge me to test my limits physically and mentally.

What is your intended major and why?
Behavioral Sciences, because I have a high interest in psychology and want to learn more about it.

How has the transition from high school life to college/military life been?
It took a while to get used to it and I'm still learning. But overall it's been manageable because of such a great support system of my classmates, teammates, instructors and coaches.

Who would you say has had the biggest impact on your life either as a person or a player?
My big sister Toni Ray. I've looked up to her ever since I can remember and she's always been such a great role model. She's one of the toughest, strong-willed, kind and determined people I know and I hope someday I can become half the woman she is!

Who is your favorite basketball player to watch and why?
Steve Nash. The man is an artist on the floor he can get the ball to anyone, anywhere, any time. And he's also one of the most underrated shooters in the game.

To this point in your career, what has been a highlight or a special moment for you?
My senior year of high school we beat our two crosstown rivals in back-to-back games. Against Edmond North I had my career-high scoring game, and against Edmond Memorial we hit a three pointer to tie the game as time expired in regulation and ended up winning in overtime. The feelings of pride and accomplishment after those two games were indescribable.



What do you like about your squad the most?
I like the fact that the upperclassmen take the time to make themselves available to help us as freshmen. They are constantly checking up on us and are always open to helping with any type of academic or personal problems we may be having. It's nice to know they are truly looking to help us become the best we can be.

Who is your academic coach and how have they helped you?
Coach Schueler. She's been very supportive and comforting to me. She helps me stay focused on my studies and takes the time to check up on me and make sure I'm getting done what needs to get done.

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