Getting to Know...Lindsey Lewis
Freshman Lindsey Lewis

Oct. 21, 2011

With the season just around the corner, is taking a little time to introduce the newest members of the Air Force women’s basketball team—the class of 2015. First up in the introductions is freshman Lindsey Lewis.

Where do you call home?
Grapevine, Texas

Why did you pick Air Force?
It offered the best education and basketball career all in one.

What is your intended major and why?
Biology. I would love to work in a hospital and help people on a daily basis, or just be in the biology field because I enjoy learning about those topics in class.

What upperclassman is your favorite?
Megan Muniz. At first she was quiet, but now that is definitely not the case. Her small comments on things is always funny. Also, Jamela Satterfield. She’s just flat out hilarious.

Do you have military in your family background?
Yes, a lot of people on my mom’s side are in the Navy and on my dad’s side they are in the Air Force. My dad is also a Chief in the Air Force, this is his 28th year serving.

Who is your favorite basketball player to watch and why?
Lebron James. He has an unbeatable presence on the court and has the ability to take the game into his own hands and usually be successful. But just to clarify, my favorite team is the SAN ANTONIO SPURS!!!

If you could meet any president, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
Abraham Lincoln. He made the most promising step towards ending slavery, as well as beginning to unite the different races of the world; therefore, I would feel absolutely honored to meet him and thank him for that.

What’s the best thing about Colorado Springs?
The skies are always beautiful in the morning and the stars at night are very visible and pretty!



What’s your favorite basketball moment?
Scoring the buzzer-winning shot to win the semi-final game at a tournament two summers ago, then going on to win the championship game.

Between all the freshmen, how has your relationship developed?
We are fantastic!!! Forrest Jeffery and Simonne Potts are my ride or dies!!! I love Angela and Jimi too, they are by far my best friends at the Academy…2015 ayyyeee!

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