The First Week of Practice...with Saphira Philson

Oct. 9, 2012

This season, members of the Air Force women's basketball team will share some of their experiences at the Academy, both on and off the court. This week, freshman Saphira Philson talks about the first week of practice and what "Navy Week" is all about.

I can tell by the first week of the season that the rest of season is going to be awesome! The first week of official practice, everyone was full of excitement. For the freshmen, I could say that we were slightly nervous, but we were motivated to get the season started off right. The coaches were pumped up and ready to go. They prepared drills for us to improve on specific things, so when it comes to game time we'll be ready. Practices were a bit longer than preseason workouts but I enjoy season practices way more. When people are passionate about the sport they play, they can't wait for their season to kick off because that's the best part! I'm sure football can say the same.

To the service academies in the United States, service bowl games are a huge deal. Navy week at the Academy was amazing! Not only was it a four-day school week, it was also the end of GR (test) season. Everyone was in a great mood! I was thrilled because it was my first service game! Extramurals on Friday was a lot of fun! The team and I went to support the Air Force teams in basketball, flag football and soccer. We whooped Navy! Tailgating with my squad was a lot of fun! It's a way of bonding with everyone because I'm rarely in the squad because of long practices and study hall every day. Marching on the field before the game was a mix of emotions, I was really excited because it's an amazing feeling, but then again, people often get trampled. I was one of the lucky ones who didn't! It was snowing and freezing at the game, but that definitely didn't stop my team spirit for the Falcons to Sink the Squids! By the second quarter, not even hand warmers, feet warmers, or several layers of clothing could keep anyone warm. Even though we lost to Navy, we still have a chance to beat Army and come out on top.



After the football game we went to Coach A's house to have some team bonding. We ate burgers and wings and everyone performed Falcon Idol. Falcon Idol is when a group performs a song of their choice and they get graded on their lip synching, choreography and overall scores. My group placed second. But overall, Falcon Idol showed everyone's creative/wacky/fun sides that the team and the coaches don't get to see on the court.

This week was an incredible experience that I'll never forget. I can't wait till my team Sinks Navy and Beats Army on November 23rd and November 26th! GO AIR FORCE!

-Saphira "Philly" Philson

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