In the Preseason...with Jimi Blagowsky

Sept. 18, 2012

This season, members of the Air Force women's basketball team will share some of their experiences at the Academy, both on and off the court. This week, sophomore Jimi Blagowsky tells us what she's up to in the preseason.

October is quickly approaching and for basketball players around the country that only means one thing....the end of preseason and start of official practices!! September is known to our team as the month of conditioning, and this year the coaches incorporated lots of new workouts for us to do, including everything from 100 meter sprints to a mile and a half Indian run out on the track, and countless defensive slides, closeout drills, and pyramid running on the court. Not to mention any free time we get after practice all the girls stick around to play a few games of pick-up.

While I've been staying quite busy with basketball, I've also been spending time with my squadron back at school. I'm in Cadet Squadron 33, "King Ratz". Everybody here spends their freshman year in one squad and then is randomly shuffled to a new squad for their next three years, so this is my first year in 33. So far, I absolutely love it! We've had a few squadron-wide events--a couple cookouts, a pancake night and a night at the on-base bowling alley--which were really fun! We've had two SAMI's (inspections on room cleanliness) already this year and the night before each, we had squad-wide cleaning where we blasted music and helped each other clean all night. We've also had training out in Jack's Valley where me and a lot of my new friends in the squad had a good time joking around and working as a team to go through the confidence course and work on land navigation.

As an athlete here at the Academy you spend a large majority of your time with your squadron outside of practice, so having a great one with a lot of cool people is really awesome! As things start to pick up with basketball, I'll be spending less time in my new squad, but the great people I've met have already promised on coming out to support us this season, which is something I'm looking forward to! The season can't get here fast enough and I hope you're ready for it because we are!



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