Senior Year...with Katie Hilbig

Sept. 12, 2012

This season, members of the Air Force women's basketball team will share some of their experiences at the Academy, both on and off the court. This week, team co-captain Katie Hilbig tells us what it feels like to start her senior season.

Senior year, it actually came! As a freshman, it seemed like this moment was an eternity away. Walking into class on the first day of school you could see the excitement on everyone's faces, knowing that it was our "last first day" of college! It's an amazing feeling to look back on how far we all have come from basic training in June of 2009, to throwing our hats in the air in less than nine months. Honestly it hasn't really hit me yet. This year I am focused on having my best academic year yet, and a successful basketball season.

After the summer I was really excited to get in the gym with all the girls and start preparing for our upcoming season. The first day of individual workouts, four of us walked into the gym to see all six coaches waiting for us, whistles in hand; ready to whip us all into shape (they did a great job). Every day we are in the gym, on the track or in the weight room (some days all three) and our team is looking stronger than ever. As a senior, it's exciting to see how much all of my teammates have improved each year, and I can't wait to see what this talented freshman class can do for us this season. Our first conditioning test, the entire team was so impressed with how hard the freshmen went; they really put all out, which is what we need from them this year.

It's my senior season and I am ready to put it all on the court. I want to leave here knowing that I gave everything I had into my team, and be proud of what we achieved together. This year we have four talented seniors that are ready and willing to push our team to accomplish something that will forever leave our mark on this program. We are all hungry for wins and it shows in our workouts each day. Better keep up, because we are going places this year!



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