Falcons Cap Off "Trifecta" with Stanley Canyon Run
Freshman Blake Saylor finishes first in the Stanley Canyon run.

Nov. 21, 2013

USAFA, Colo. - The Air Force lacrosse team completed its annual "Trifecta" last Thursday with the run through Stanley Canyon.

Behind Eagle's Peak, which was scaled by the team the previous week, lays a man-made lake called Stanley Reservoir. The trailhead starts on base at the Air Force Academy and extends through two peaks up to the reservoir. This is the easiest trail in the "Trifecta" in terms of elevation change, but the run-off that flows down the trail freezes during the winter months. With the team leaving their skates behind, this obstacle proved to be challenging for all.

However, the bone-numbing ice falls proved to be no match for freshman Blake Saylor, Onondaga tribe member, as he took the cup for the fastest time. The winning tribe for fastest average time was the Cayuga tribe, which won all three Trifecta events both this year and last year.

The Air Force lacrosse team will continue to condition every week until the season starts in January, along with daily workouts in the weight room. With only two hours of lacrosse practice allowed per week, the team will use this period to get stronger and mentally prepare to face off against Denver for its home opener in Falcon Stadium on Feb. 8.

written by 2nd Lt. Kyle Nazarek



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