Falcons Climb Eagle's Peak in Part II of the

Nov. 18, 2013

USAFA, Colo. - The Air Force lacrosse team has moved up the western range from Manitou Springs back to USAFA to take on another mountain trail. This time, the group climbed up to Eagle's Peak, one of three trails on the team's annual "Trifecta." With the lung-piercing Incline kicking things off for the Falcons, Eagle's Peak was the second segment of the Falcons' Trifecta.

Eagle's Peak towers over the Air Force Academy and can be seen from anywhere in Colorado Springs. It tops out with an elevation of 9,368 feet above sea level, high enough to see Denver from the top. With an elevation change of about 2,000 feet from start to finish, Eagle's Peak provides a great challenge for everyone on the team.

Each player ran with his tribe and competed to finish first. Throughout the trek, the players had to jump over streams, maneuver over boulders and run through a meadow before the final portion to the top, which included a steep gravel section that sets you back every other step. With the Falcons losing four conference games last season by just one goal, every player knows the importance of fighting each and every step.

Last year, the Cayuga tribe had the best average time for all three events in the Trifecta. Sophomore attackman Danny Brown, member of the Cayuga tribe, had the fastest time on Eagle's Peak and the second-fastest time for the Incline. So far this season, the Cayugas have taken first place in both the races up the Incline and Eagle's Peak and look to claim the title again when they take on Stanley Canyon, the third and final portion of the Trifecta. With the trail finally opening back up after a year-long shutdown to allow for plant-regrowth after the Waldo Canyon wildfire, this is a first time event for both the freshmen and sophomore classes.

written by 2nd Lt. Kyle Nazarek



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