Q&A with Keith Dreyer
Freshman Keith Dreyer

March 7, 2012

C3C Eleanor Simmons got together with freshman Keith Dreyer recently to ask a few questions about the lacrosse season up to this point:

Your performance has been awesome lately. How did it feel to be rookie of the week?
"It felt pretty good. Our team worked hard this year in the offseason and it feels good to get rewarded."

If you could credit your success to one person besides yourself, who is it and why?
"It would be my father. He is my biggest fan and has pushed me and helped me develop into the player I am now. He is always giving me feedback and it helps to hear what he sees from the sideline."

What was going through your mind right before your first Air Force Lacrosse Game?
"Before the game started, I was anxious and a little nervous (as expected). But once the first whistle blew I was fine. I've been playing lacrosse for years and I've spend countless hours preparing and practicing. I knew I was ready."

Your game against Army is coming up. How is the team looking and what is your prediction?
"The team is really coming together now. We have a lot of guys stepping up and making big plays. Our offense and defense are learning each other's tendencies which makes us operate much more smoothly. Army is a good team, but we think we can take it to them and get a win. There is no doubt that it will be a close game."

Do you have an endearing name for your spoon? If so, what is it?
"Not yet, hahah, I usually just call it my gamer or my twig."



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