Falcon Stadium renovations underway
Jan. 10, 2018

Renovations at Falcon Stadium continue this winter. This particular construction project, the renovation and expansion of the home team locker room, started in December and is phase two of a multi-phase plan to renovate the home of the Falcons.

Falcon fans have enjoyed phase one for the last two seasons, which included two new video boards, sound system, ribbon boards and a marquee on Stadium Boulevard. In addition, the Blue and Silver Club renovation was completed prior to the 2016 season.

Phase two will bring a home locker room renovation and expansion. The Falcons will have three times more room in the new digs. The current 3,875 square foot locker room will be expanded by over 8,000 square feet through excavation of the concourse area east of the existing tunnel. The project includes auxiliary locker rooms to support community events, such as high school sporting contests, modern medical areas, and a green room for visiting dignitaries attending USAFA graduations or other institutional events. There will also be a new media room located on the north side of the expansion, new locker rooms for coaches and officials, and a new locker room with direct field access for the Falcons’ cheer and dance teams. In addition, the project also sets foundational footers and structural support for a future multi-level North End Complex.



The project is the first major renovation of the stadium since the late 1980s and early 1990s. The project is multi-blended with a mix of private and government funds.


Falcon Stadium Renovation

This is the first major renovation since the 1980s

Renovation is being tackled in 4 Phases and is a public/private partnership


Phase 2 broke ground immediately following the 2017 Football Season.

-Estimated private cost: $6,000,000 (partnership between USAFA Endowment and AFAAC)

-Home Locker Room Renovation and Expansion…Includes auxiliary locker rooms, medical areas, and a designated VIP green room.

-Visiting locker room update

-Foundation and structural support for Phase 4


Phase 3 – North End Complex

-Suites and/or Club Seating

-Recruiting room

-Catwalk above the tunnel


Phase 4 – East Side Complex

-New entrance to Falcon Stadium

-Premium Seating and Suites

-Premium bar and food access

-Apparel store and Ticket Office

-Class of ’66 Memorial Fence

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