Linares Earns Weekly Boxing Honor

    Ulysses Linares decisions Scott Hernandez
    Ulysses Linares decisions Scott Hernandez

    Dec. 10, 2001

    Ulysses Linares won a decision over Scott Hernandez in the 155-pound weight division on Friday, December 7, to earn Boxer of the Week honors.

    For Linares the victory made up for an earlier defeat to Hernandez during intramural competition. Linares took the fight to Hernandez by coming out fast and making his jab and hook work for him.

    "Ulysses was very effective working combinations to Hernandez' head and body," said assistant boxing coach Capt. Mark Clifford. "The body shots were the key to the bout because they slowed Hernandez down."

    Here are the complete results from Friday's matches:

    118-lbs.--Doug Spear dec. Stan Hashimoto
    --Adam Roberts dec. Darren Smith
    150-lbs.--Christian Semple dec, Rene Prieto
    151-lbs.--Jake Hostetler dec. Vaughn Brazil
    155-lbs.--Ulysses Linares dec. Scott Hernandez
    156-lbs.--Tim Tramillo1 dec. John Paek
    161-lbs.--Clell Knight dec. Joey Plank
    170-lbs.--Joe Harding dec. Leif Nordhagen
    177-lbs.--Matt Ross dec. Sean Mitchell
    180-lbs.--Dustin Long dec. Mike Vogel
    180-lbs.--Chad Nikolic Rsc Muatafa Danquah
    180-lbs.--Rodney Ellisondec Nick Haussler
    200-lbs.--J.P. Doolin 2 dec. William Boyles
    Hywt Ben Chapman dec. Randy Gibbs



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