Parker Wins Split Decision; Named Week's Top Boxer

    Nov. 13, 2001

    C2C Thomas Parker was named the Outstanding Boxer of the Week last Friday, Nov. 9, much to the chagrin of his roommate, C2C Jake Hostetler.

    Hostetler is going to have to live with the fact that Parker won the decision over his best friend in last Friday night bouts. Fighting in the 152-pound division, the two boxers "put on a clinic" in the words of assistant boxing coach Capt. Mark Clifford.

    Parker came out fast with good combinations of straight lefts and rights. He used his hand and foot speed to move laterally and stay away from Hostetler's aggressive style.

    Hostetler tried to cut off the ring but Parker was too shifty in rounds one and two. Heading into round three, Hostetler began closing the distance and landed several good body shots. Hostetler was gaining momentum when the bout ended, according to head boxing coach Eddie Weichers. However, Parker ended up winning the split decision.

    "Those body shots are like putting money in the bank" said Weichers. " They pay huge dividends as the match counts down. Hostetler needed to start the body attack earlier. Styles make matches and these two were outstanding."

    Here are the complete results from Friday's matches:

    121-lbs.--Darren Smith dec. Doug Spear
    152-lbs.--Thomas Parker dec. Jake Hostetler
    168-lbs.--Agur Adams dec. Joey Plank
    142-lbs.--Christian Semple dec. Anibal Aguirre
    183-lbs.--Mustafa Danquah rsc. Jordan Gorraiz
    216-lbs.--Ben Chapman dec. Brad Balling
    167-lbs.--Nick Bauer dec. Chris Culver
    159-lbs.--Adam Wear dec. Chris Henry
    176-lbs.--Matt Ross dec. Dan Dryer
    157-lbs.--Sreven Olegario dec. Jess Miller



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