Air Force Opens Season with Navy Showdown

Sept. 29, 2010

USAF ACADEMY, Colo. - After weeks of practice and sparring, the Air Force boxing team officially opens the 2010-11 season on Friday, Oct. 1, hosting service academy rival Navy at 4:30 p.m. The two academies will send 20 boxers into the ring of the Cadet Gym Boxing Room for 10 bouts, ranging from 120 pounds to the heavyweight division. Admission is free to the Falcons' showdown with the Mids.

Junior Nick Cataldo is scheduled to open the night with a 175-pound bout with Navy's Angelo Lonero, while senior Joe Silvio will face David Faerber at 165 pounds. Silvio is the only member of the current Air Force lineup to have competed in last year's dual bout at Navy. Fellow senior Michael Mizes will take on Ben Gentry at 135 pounds, while the next three bouts are separated by just three pounds.

Senior Michael Dunn and Tristan Setzer will compete at 150 pounds, while sophomore Kyle Rasmussen will make his NCBA debut against Noah Weintraub in a 148-pound bout. Just one pound lighter, at 147 pounds, classmate Glenn Miltenberg will face Roberto Garcia.

The Falcons jump back up to the heavier weight classes, as seniors William Keuchler (Culver) and Mike Chambers (Cortez McCrary) will compete in the 190-pound and heavyweight bouts. Classmate Matthew DeMars will take on Tom Payne in the lightest bout of the night at 120 pounds, before junior Mike McLain closes out the night with Chris Bertucci in a 180-pound bout.



Action is slated to begin at 4:30 p.m., in the Cadet Gym Boxing Room. Admission is free.

Lineups for Air Force vs. Navy (Air Force boxers listed first)
Nick Cataldo vs. Angelo Lonero | 165-lbs.: Joe Silvio vs. David Faerber | 135-lbs.: Mike Mizes vs. Ben Gentry | 150-lbs.: Mike Dunn vs. Tristan Setzer | 148-lbs.: Kyle Rasmussen vs. Noah Weintraub | 147-lbs.: Glenn Miltenberg vs. Roberto Garcia | 190-lbs.: William Keuchler vs. Culver | Hywt.: Mike Chambers vs. Cortez McCrary | 120-lbs.: Matthew DeMars vs. Tom Payne | 180-lbs.: Mike McLain vs. Chris Bertucci

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