Ten Bouts Mark Return of Friday Night Fights
Roy Taylor

Jan. 10, 2014

USAF ACADEMY, Colo. - The Air Force boxing team began the season half of the season this afternoon (Jan. 11) with 10 Friday Night Fight bouts in its new home for the 2014 season - Cadet East Gym. With all but one contest going to the judges for decision, junior Roy Taylor received the Academy's Boxer of the Week.

Taylor, competing in a 142-pound bout, defeated Ethan Salgado in a battle of Cadet Squadron 14.

Stephen Bittner took a decision from Jacob Berggren in the night's lightest bout (139 pounds), while Brett Hagen (148 pounds, vs Matt Medara), Robert Farley (150 pounds, vs Hayder Mahdi), Tim Welkener (157 pounds, vs Mike Kelly) and Sean Cork (159 pounds, vs John Alora) also collected wins by decision in the under-160 bouts.

Chris Rauch-Gish defeated Alejandro Rodriguez at 162 pounds, while Jesse Calico (vs Caleb Rockwell) and Brandon Pitts (vs Nick Holguin) claimed decision in the 169- and 171-pound bouts, respectively. In the night's heaviest bout, Max Zendali defeated Chad Turney in a referee-stopped-contest at 180 pounds.

The Falcons return to action next week (Jan. 17) with another round of Friday Night Fights.

148-lbs.: Brett Hagen (CS-15) dec. Matt Medara (CS-25)
139-lbs.: Stephen Bittner (CS-15) dec. Jacob Berggren (CS-30)
142-lbs.: Roy Taylor (CS-14) dec. Ethan Salgado (CS-14)
159-lbs.: Sean Cork (CS-22) dec. John Alora (CS-38)
171-lbs.: Brandon Pitts (CS-11) dec. Nick Holguin (CS-08)
169-lbs.: Jesse Calico (CS-39) dec. Caleb Rockwell (CS-05)
150-lbs.: Robert Farley (CS-38) dec. Hayder Mahdi (CS-13)
180-lbs.: Max Zendali (CS-18) rsc Chad Turney (CS-25)
157-lbs.: Tim Welkener (CS-21) dec. Mike Kelly (CS-25)
162-lbs.: Chris Rauch-Gish (CS-15) dec. Alejandro Rodriguez (CS-27)



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