Q & A With Coach Scott

Feb. 12, 2004

Q:I first want to congratulate you and the team on such a tremendous job so far this season. As a former player (Class of '97), I know I can speak for the rest of the former players in saying we are overflowing with pride and look forward to your continued success. We know the team can reach their goals and we are behind them every game, even though we have to watch on the internet via gametracker.

I have two questions for you. One, I have noticed that we are frequently outrebounded by opponents. I can understand the low number of offensive rebounds, due to our high shooting percentages, but, are the defensive rebounds due to the defensive system? Or is it just the matchups that we find ourselves with in the MWC?

For my second question, I just wanted to know what it is like playing in front of 6000 fans in clune arena? The only time I saw that many people in Clune was for the WIng Open. Your attendance shot up once you won the first two road games in the MWC. How have the players responded to this spike in attendance?

Thanks for your time and keep up the fight! Go Falcons! - Chis Kay, Athens, GA

Coach Scott: Chris, First of all, it is great to hear from former players. Thanks for the kind words and we hope to keep up our success the rest of the season.

I am not very concerned with our rebounding this season. The only time I am concerned is when we are out-rebounded by 10 or more, which has happened only five times this season. Unfortunately, we have given up 10 or more offensive rebounds each of the last three games. Part of it is that we do face bigger players in the MWC, but we need to work just a little bit harder in that aspect for us to keep winning.

As far as our fans are concerned, our players have really fed off the great crowds at Clune Arena. Our fans have given us a true home-court advantage, and our players are treating them to good Air Force Basketball. Our players have seen great crowds on the road and it is a testament to how well they have played this year to see great crowds at home.

Good luck with everything and thanks for you continued support of Air Force Basketball.

Feb. 6, 2004

Q: Coach, now that we have that nasty, streak busting, first MWC loss out of the way (too bad it had to be on Nat'l TV), what is the plan for getting the team back on track and starting a new streak. Can't wait for Saturday's game (vs. Wyoming), Clune will rock again! - Max Spencer, Monument, CO

Coach Scott: Max, We just need to get back to the hard work that allowed us to win 13 games in a row. We have had a couple of good practices this week and our players are very focused on the Wyoming game this Saturday. It is too bad that we lost on national television, but nobody is going to go undefeated in this conference and we feel fortunate that we were the last team to lose. In addition, we are still in first place at 5-1 and have three straight home games, so I am very encouraged with the possibility of staying in first place before we have to travel again. Thanks for your support and we'll see you at Clune Arena on Saturday!

Jan. 27, 2004

Q: Coach, as a season ticket holder that makes it to every game, I've noticed that the Falcons seem to have more stamina and get less tired than other teams. Even against other MWC schools that play at high altitudes. Do you do more to condition your players in practice, or do they have a leg up on the competition because of the physical training required for cadets in general. Whatever you're doing, it seems to be working.- Justin Hanson, Colorado Springs,

Coach Scott: Justin,I think the No. 1 reason for our team's stamina is our depth. I feel very comfortable playing our reserves this season and giving them several minutes on the court. The past few years we have only been seven or eight players deep. This season, we have nine or 10 players that can play at any time during the game, no matter what the situation is. The fact that I can bring Jacob Burtschi, Matt McCraw, David Peterson and Caleb Buchanan off the bench allows more rest for our starters, so they are fresher towards the end of the game. We have not done any more conditioning this season than in the past, it's just the fact that we have more players playing more minutes in the game. Thanks for you support.

Jan. 20, 2004

Q: First of all, congratulations on your job with the team!! Being a grad I try to follow AF sports as much as I can and I've been truly impressed with what you have done with AF Basketball. My question is: With the type of defense that the team has been playing (#1 in the nation!), how do you see that playing out once you get into conference play? - Carl Martin, Gardena, CA

Coach Scott: Carl, as you can imagine, I have been very happy with our defense this season. We beat some very good teams during our non-conference schedule, including NCAA Tournament teams such as California and Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and our defense was outstanding in all of those games. Our defense continued to be impressive in our first two league games as we gave up only 57 and 42 points, but this weekend will be a good test for us. BYU and Utah were picked No. 1 and No. 2 in our league this season. We still have 12 conference games to go, but I know that our players understand how important it is for us to be strong on the defensive end. If our effort continues, I think we have a chance of winning many more MWC games this season. Thanks for you support of Air Force Basketball!



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