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The Falcon For Life - Family Giving Society has been a wonderfully successful program for parents or other family members to support their cadet-athlete and his/her program. The giving society is built on the principle that a cadet-athlete has committed to the Academy for four (4) years, and we would like you to join them in making a pledge to support their program for those same four (4) years. Pledge your support to your cadet-athlete's program to ensure it will have the margin of excellence resources needed to compete to succeed at the highest level. Included with this letter is our Falcon For Life - Family Giving Society brochure outlining the program and how 100 percent of the dollars raised go to support one or all of our 27 programs here at the Academy. Please consider a gift today to support the programs here at the Academy. Your gift can be up to 100 percent tax deductible and a restricted gift to any of the 27 programs goes directly to support that program.

Falcon Pride Club
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