Jack Christiansen Invitational


Licensed to Longmont High School       HY-TEK's Meet Manager 4/26/2013 06:18 PM
            Jack Christiansen Invitational - 4/26/2013 to 4/27/2013
                            4/26/2013 to 4/27/2013

Event 1 Women Hammer Throw ======================================================================= Name Year School Finals Points ======================================================================= Finals 1 Hunsucker, Emily Colorado 60.35m 10 FOUL 60.35m FOUL 59.18m FOUL FOUL 2 Sliwinski, Jenna Colorado St. 58.21m 8 56.57m 55.56m 58.21m 56.86m 55.80m 56.72m 3 Daniels, Shreese Wyoming 54.15m 6 50.25m 47.78m 53.13m 54.15m 52.28m 49.95m 4 Milbourn, Cody Wyoming 52.66m 5 FOUL 48.95m 52.66m FOUL FOUL 49.70m 5 Bauman, Becca Air Force 49.62m 4 49.62m 45.46m FOUL FOUL 48.73m 47.06m 6 Wagner, Marissa Colorado St. 49.34m 3 45.45m 48.17m 49.34m 45.10m FOUL FOUL 7 Lind, Kellie Colorado 49.25m 2 48.96m 49.21m FOUL 49.25m 47.86m 47.26m 8 Wilkerson, Courtney Northern Col 48.97m 1 48.64m 48.97m FOUL FOUL FOUL 48.84m 9 Hicks, Kiah Colorado St. 48.67m FOUL 48.67m FOUL 10 Potter, Molly Unattached 44.29m 42.15m FOUL 44.29m 11 Christensen, Cori South Dakota 43.90m 41.89m FOUL 43.90m 12 Tabb, Danielle Air Force 39.67m 39.03m 39.34m 39.67m 13 Butcher, McKenzie South Dakota 33.97m 33.97m FOUL FOUL -- Allen, Avery Black Hills FOUL FOUL FOUL FOUL -- Dolechek, Jessica Dickinson St FOUL FOUL FOUL FOUL

Event 3 Men Hammer Throw ======================================================================= Name Year School Finals Points ======================================================================= 1 Loftin, Andrew Unattached 70.92m 10 66.80m 70.85m FOUL 70.92m FOUL 68.74m 2 Plante, Joe Wyoming 59.06m 8 59.06m FOUL FOUL 58.07m FOUL FOUL 3 Harriman, Ken Colorado St. 58.89m 6 58.89m FOUL 57.32m FOUL 58.64m 56.93m 4 Fooster, Jalen Air Force 58.67m 5 58.67m 54.56m 56.03m FOUL 56.54m 57.60m 5 Schneeberger, Jake Colorado St. 57.79m 4 54.86m 57.79m 57.37m 54.13m 56.69m FOUL 6 Pott, Alec Colorado St. 57.23m 3 54.65m 55.58m 53.14m 57.23m FOUL FOUL 7 Freed, Brian South Dakota 56.55m 2 50.02m 51.41m 56.55m 52.84m 54.06m FOUL 8 Rowley, Carson Colorado St. 55.55m 1 51.46m FOUL 54.96m 52.84m 55.55m 54.85m 9 Schultz, Tyler Colorado St. 53.07m 51.32m 51.00m 53.07m FOUL FOUL 52.49m 10 Kent, William Air Force 52.54m 51.28m FOUL 52.54m 11 Hutchins, Cameron Colorado 52.52m 50.02m 51.99m 52.52m 12 Sparks, Mark Wyoming 52.09m FOUL 52.09m FOUL 13 Rutt, Brady Colorado 50.97m 50.35m 50.97m 50.58m 14 Johnson, Jacob Black Hills 46.62m 46.00m 46.62m FOUL -- Kizirian, Alex Unattached FOUL FOUL FOUL FOUL -- Clausen, Cody Dickinson St FOUL FOUL FOUL FOUL

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