Carpentier and Stinett bring home medals from the Winter Airguns
Athlete of the Week Meredith Carpentier (Dec. 9)
Update: Carpentier, three gold and two bronze; Stinett has a silver and a bronze medal for the Winter Airgun Championships.

U.S. Air Force Academy, Colo. - After three-days of rifle shooting in the USA Shooting Winter Airgun Championships, Meredith Carpentier of the Air Force rifle team claimed three gold medals and two bronze medal. In the women's open championships, Carpentier was the number one shooter in the country with the highest collegiate score of 1,239. She qualified for the 2014 USA World Cup. She earned two gold medals and a bronze in the junior's and gold and bronze medals in the women's open championships. Kevyn Stinett earned her silver and bronze medals in the junior championships; she finished in fifth place in the women's open.

Carpentier earned her two gold medals for the women's junior championship titles on Friday and Saturday, Dec. 6-7. In the match on Friday, Carpentier advanced to the finals with her score of 413.7 and shot a 206.4 which gave her the gold medal. In match 2 on Saturday, she scored 412.0 points and had the high score of 206.3 in the final round to earn her the second gold medal. In the last match on Sunday, Dec. 8, she had the highest match score with a 413.3 but had the third highest score in the finals with 182.9 and finished in third place. Her overall total score for the junior championships was 1,239.

Carpentier also scored the overall highest collegiate score in the 10m women's open championships with a total of 1.239 points. In the last match of the three-day women's open competition, Carpentier, with a score of 413.3 advanced to the finals and shot a 207.3. Her previous match scores were a 413.7 and 412, which she also fired on Friday and Saturday, respectively. Saturday's finals score of 185.3 put her in second place in that competition.

Stinett finished in second place in the final match with a score of 411.6. In the finals, she scored 204.6 points to claim the silver medal. She earned the bronze medal on Friday with a 409.0 in the match and a 184.5 in the finals. On Saturday's match, she finished with 408.1 points. After three days of competition, Stinett's total score was 1,228.7.

In the women's open championships, Stinett finished in fifth place. Her overall score was 1,228.7. She posted a 409, 408.1 and 411.6 with a 142.2 in the finals.

Mary Simonton finished 27th overall, and her three-day's scores were 398.2, 390.9 and 399 for a total of 1,188.7 in her first Winter Airgun Championships with the team. Simonton also competed in the 10m women's open championships. Her scores for three days were 398.2, 390.9 and 399 for the total of 1,188.1.

After three days of the men's junior matches, David Higgins finished with a total of 1,810.6 points in competition with scores of 610.4 + 160.1, 606.0 and 594.2, respectively. In the men's open matches, Higgins totaled 1,180.6 points for three days of shooting.

Ryan Jacobs finished with 611.1 points in match 1 and added 78.6 points in the last round. He also scored 609.7 points in match 2 on Saturday for an aggregate score of 1,299.4. On Sunday, he added 613.2 points and advanced to the finals and scored 140.9 points to finish with 1,834 points and in fifth place. Jacobs also scored 1,834 total points in the 10m men's open championships.

Tyler Rico's scores for all three matches totaled 1,830.2 points. He finished in sixth place. His match scores were 609.9, 608.2 and 612.1, respectively. In the men's open championships, Rico finished with 1,830.2 overall points.

Craig O'Daniel finished in 10th place with 1,1812.8 total points. His three scores were 601.3, 602.5 and 609.0, respectively. He completed three days of shooting in the 10m men's open championships with 1,812.8 points.



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