Carpentier and Stinett claim top spots in Junior's Winter Airgun Championships

Dec. 7, 2013

U.S. Air Force Academy, Colo. - Air Force rifle team shooters, Meredith Carpentier (Waukegan, Ill.) and Kevin Stinett (Colorado Springs, Colo.) claim two top women's air rifle junior 10-meter finishes on Friday's, Dec. 6, match of the USA Shooting Winter Airgun Championships. In match 1, Carpentier scored 413.7 points and scored 206.4 in the finals and claimed the junior championship title. Stinett scored 409.0 points in the match and scored 184.5 points in the finals to finish in third place. Second place went to another competitor, Elizabeth Marsh.

In the match, Carpentier's air rifle scores were 103.5, 104.9, 101.2 and 104.1 for the 413.7 total. Stinett's scores were 101.9, 101.8, 103.3 and 102.0 for the total of 409.0.

Teammate Mary Simonton (Sharpsburg, Ga.) finished 27th in the match with a score of 398.2. Her scores included a 97.2, 100.3, 99.6 and 101.1.

In the women's open championship match, Carpentier finished in sixth place with 413.7 points in the match and then scored 120.0 in the finals. Stinett finished in 13th place with 409.0 points while Simonton finished 42nd with 398.2 points.

In the men's junior air rifle championships match, Air Force team member David Higgins (San Clemente, Calif.) finished in fourth place with a match score of 610.4 and 160.1 points in the last round. Ryan Jacobs (Gresham, Ore.) finished in eighth place with 611.1 points in the match. He added 78.6 points in his last round. Tyler Rico (Tucson, Ariz.) followed Jacobs with 609.9 points and finished in ninth place. Finishing in 17th place was Craig O'Daniel (Lebanon, Ky.)with 601.3 points.



To get to their final scores, Higgins shot a 100.2, 103.0, 103.1, 102.6, 99.8 and 101.7 (610.4). Jacobs' scores were 101.5, 103.8, 98.2, 103.4, 100.4 and 103.8 (611.1). Rico`s scores were 102.2, 101.7, 100.4, 101.7, 101.3, and 102.6 (609.9). O'Daniel scored a 101.0, 100.3, 97.8, 99.6, 102.3 and 100.3 (601.3).

In the men's open championship match, Jacobs finished in 17th place with 611.1 points. Higgins scored 610.4 points and finished in 18th place. Rico finished 22nd and had 609.9 points. O'Daniel finished in 33rd place with 601.3 points.

USA Shooting will post results for match 2 (Dec. 7) of the Winter Airgun Championships on Sunday. Match 3 begins Sunday, Dec. 8, with men's air rifle at 7:45 a.m. followed by men's air pistol and men's air rifle at 9:45. Women's air rifle starts at 11:45, followed by women's air pistol and air rifle at 1:20 p.m.

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