Rifle Team Wins President's Cup
Kevyn Stinett

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U.S. Air Force Academy, Colo. - The Academy's rifle team hosted the All-Service Academies President's Cup match this weekend at the USAFA Falcon Rifle Range. For the first time in 12 years, the Air Force Academy rifle team won the All-Service Academies President's Trophy. Air Force, competing against Army, Navy and the U.S. Coast Guard, won the match with an aggregate score of 4639 points. The team's smallbore squad totaled 2296 points and the air rifle squad finished with 2343 points. Army's rifle team finished with 4638 points (2296 smallbore and 2342 air rifle) followed by Navy with 4595 points (2271 smallbore and 2324 air rifle) and the Coast Guard with 4287 points (2093 smallbore and 2294 air rifle). (NCAA official competition)

The Falcons' Meredith Carpentier and Kevyn Stinett were the top-two shooters in the air rifle match with 589 points each. Carpentier scored a 199, 196, and 194 in the air rifle relays for a 589 total. Stinett 589 came from scoring a 198, 198, and 193 in relays.

Navy's Steven Frazier had the high smallbore score with 583 points. Stinett was the No. 2 shooter in smallbore totaling 580 points.

Air Force's air rifle squad consisted of Carpentier, Stinett, Tyler Rico (585) and Benjamin York (580) for a total of 2343 points. David Higgins was in the top five with 577 points.

The smallbore squad was York (579), Carpentier (575), Rico (573), and Matthew Kluckman (569) with 2296 points and in the top five was Craig O'Daniel with 559 points.

"The coaches are thrilled with the team's performance," said Mike Anti, assistant coach. "The team needs to come out strong in smallbore like we did yesterday (Saturday) and maintain that momentum throughout air rifle as they did today (Sunday). This is our best score for the year, and we look forward to the continued improvement."

Here are the team's complete scores:

Smallbore Kyle Jameson (573), Kluckman (569), Higgins (572), Stinett (580), York (579), O'Daniel (559), Rico (573), and Carpentier (575).

Air rifle: Kyle Jameson (571), Kluckman (583), Higgins (577), Stinett (589), York (580), O'Daniel (580), Rico (585), and Carpentier (589).

The Falcons' unofficial score in the match was 5775 a school record against the service academies. Shooting a personal Academy record in the President's Trophy match were York, in both the smallbore and air rifle, O'Daniel, in air rifle, and Carpentier, in both smallbore and air rifle.

The All-Service Academies rifle match began in 1999 and circulates between each of the service academies institutions. In 2006, the match was cancelled. This year was the Academy's chance to host. In 2011, Air Force finished second with 4599 points, Army took first place (4651), Navy third (4607) and the Coast Guard fourth (4333). West Point was the host academy.



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