Rifle team captures second win at UTEP

Oct. 20, 2013

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U.S. Air Force Academy, Colo. - Air Force rifle captured its second win of the season at UTEP on Sunday, Oct. 20, as the Falcons won the match 4,656-4,543, giving Air Force a 2-0 start to the season. The first win came on Saturday, Oct. 19, as Air Force outscored the Miners in both air rifle and smallbore 4,652-4,536.

"We finally broke the curse of having our lowest score of the season shot at UTEP. Of course we could shoot higher than this the rest of the year and that wouldn't be a bad thing either!" said Head coach Launi Meili.

On Saturday, the air rifle team posted its first-highest score (2,353) to start the 2013-14 NCAA rifle season off on a high note. In the smallbore, the Falcons turned in a high score (2,299) for the official team score of 4,652, 116 points higher than their opponent (4,536).

In Sunday's match, Meredith Carpentier and Kevyn Stinett led the air rifle squad as Carpentier had the highest score (591) and Stinett (588). The squad turned in an NCAA qualifying score of 2,347.

Carpentier was also the top Air Force finisher in smallbore with a 581. David Higgins had the next highest score (579). The smallbore squad finished with 2,309 points for an aggregate 4,656.

In air rifle, with Carpentier (591) and Stinett (588) leading, Tyler Rico finished with a 584. Higgins matched with Rico's 584, and Craig O'Daniel came in with a 583.
Also shooting in air rifle were freshmen Ryan Jacobs (582), Mary Simonton (577) and Noah Kwock (570).



In smallbore, Carpentier had the top score (581) for an aggregate 1,172. Higgins had a 579 for an aggregate 1,163. Jacobs tallied a 575 in the match and had an aggregate 1,157, while Rico scored a 574 for an aggregate 1,158. Stinett had a 573 with an aggregate 1,161.

Also shooting in the smallbore were O'Daniel (573/1,156), Simonton (565/1,142) and Kwock (550/1,120).

On Saturday, the air rifle team posted a 2,353 and in smallbore the Falcons turned in a 2,299 for an official team score of 4,652. It was the best season opener in school history under the leadership of Head coach Launi Meili, now in her sixth year at Air Force.

Carpentier had the best aggregate 1,175 (595-580). Carpentier led Air Force with a 595 in air rifle, firing three solid 100s, a 97 and two 99s for her final score. Stinett backed up her teammate with a perfect 590, which ranked her in second place.

Rico came in with a 586, followed by David Higgins with a 582. O'Daniel finished with a 574. Kwock scored a 578, Simonton and Jacobs had tied scores of 570 each.
Air Force posted an official air rifle team score of 2,353.

In smallbore, Carpentier led the field as she finished with the high score of 580. Higgins assisted Carpentier in the lead with a 578 followed by Jacobs' scored of 571. Rico and Stinett both scored a 570. O'Daniel followed up with a 569, Simonton had a 554 and Kwock pulled in a 546.

The Falcons posted an official smallbore team score of 2,299.

Overall Team Scores
Oct. 19, 2013
Air Force - 4,652
UTEP - 4,536

Air Force Air Rifle Results
Rank Name Score
1 Meredith Carpentier 595
2 Kevyn Stinett 590
3 Tyler Rico 586
5 David Higgins 582
7 Noah Kwock 578
8 Craig O'Daniel 574
10 Mary Simonton 570
11 Ryan Jacobs 570

Air Force Smallbore Results
Rank Name Score
1 Meredith Carpentier 580
2 David Higgins 578
3 Ryan Jacobs 571
4 Tyler Rico 570
5 Kevyn Stinett 570
6 Craig O'Daniel 569
10 Mary Simonton 554
11 Noah Kwock 546


Overall Team Scores
Oct. 20, 2013
Air Force - 4,656
UTEP - 4,543

Air Force Air Rifle Results
Rank Name Score
1 Meredith Carpentier 591
2 Kevyn Stinett 588
4 Tyler Rico 584
5 David Higgins 584
6 Craig O'Daniel 583
7 Ryan Jacobs 582
9 Mary Simonton 577
10 Noah Kwock 570

Air Force Smallbore Results
Rank Name Score
2 Meredith Carpentier 581
3 David Higgins 579
4 Ryan Jacobs 575
5 Tyler Rico 574
6 Craig O'Daniel 573
7 Kevyn Stinett 573
8 Mary Simonton 565
11 Noah Kwock 550


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