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The 2011 - 2012 Athletic Season:

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Air Force Academy Rifle team: Season Record 7-10

Date Event Site Scores
Oct. 8 UTEP El Paso, TX L 4651-4570
Oct. 14 Nebraska-Lincoln Lincoln, NE W 4602-4570
Oct. 15 West Virginia Lincoln, NE L 4664-4587
Nov. 5 All-Service Academies West Point, NY W 5749 (2nd)
Nov. 18 Alaska-Fairbanks Fairbanks, AK L 4658-4617
Nov. 19 Kentucky Fairbanks, AK L 4687-4608
Dec. 2-4 Olympic Air Gun Trials Aniston, AL NTC
Jan. 21 Nevada-Reno USAFA L 4623-4579
Jan. 28 Ole Miss, NCSU, Citadel (men) Charleston, SC #2 4640, 4610, 4596, 4456
Jan. 29 Ole Miss, Citadel (women) Charleston, SC #1 4628; 4627. 4258
Feb. 4 TCU USAFA L 4695-4618
Feb. 16 TCU Fort Worth, TX L 4701-4644
Feb. 18 NCAA Qualifiers (TCU) Fort Worth, TX L 4680-4600
Mar. 9-10 NCAA Rifle Nationals TBD DNC

Team Highlights: The 2011-2012 season included a 4602-4570 win at Nebraska-Lincoln on Oct. 14. At the All-Service Academies President's Cup, team finished 2-1 in matches. At The Citadel meet, the Falcons were 4-1, with wins against Mississippi, North Carolina State and The Citadel. On Feb. 16, the team set a season record for aggregate points of 4644 against TCU, just four points off the old score or 4648 set in 2007 under Head coach Launi Meili. The Falcons finished the season 7-10.

Individual Highlights: Shooting against No. 6 Ole Miss and The Citadel, freshman Meredith Carpentier was the highest scorer in the air rifle with a 590 score. Senior Patrick Everson won the smallbore (578) match. During the matches, Carpentier fired individual scores of 100, 96, 98, 98, 99 and 9 (590) to become the first Academy shooter to fire that high of a score against the Rebels. Carpentier was the first Academy woman marksman named to the Primetime Performers Weekly Honor Roll by CollegeSports360.com.

Career Highs: Shooting career-high aggregates in air rifle, Everson scored a 1269.9, while Robert Vasquez finished with 1173 points at the 2012 Olympic Air Gun Team Trials in December.

Freshmen Records: Setting a freshmen record, Carpentier finished the season with 1158 cumulative points in the air rifle/600 at the Air Gun Trials in December. Craig O'Daniel fired a total of 3417 cumulative points in air rifle/600 (1154) and smallbore (2263) at the 2012 Junior Olympic Trials.

Most Valuable Marksman (Rifle): C1C Patrick Everson, CS 07 (Eagle River, AK), concluded his Academy career breaking several of his own individual records. In December at the 2012 Olympic Air Gun Trials (Part 1); Everson advanced to the final round with a 590 and fired a 101.3 to advance to the final round. He was the only collegiate shooter at the tryouts to advance to the final round on Day 1. The next day of the trials, he shot a 578 and finished in 12th place overall with a career record 1269.9 aggregate score. In collegiate matches, he posted an 1162 versus The Citadel women and Mississippi in January. The Falcons won that meet 4628-4258 and 4627, respectively. A month later he broke that record with 1168 points against TCU.

Season Notes: October 8, 2011 - Versus UTEP, in air rifle: #1 Pat Everson, 590; #6 Robert Vasquez 582; #10 Meredith Carpentier 576; #12 Ben York 573; #13 Craig O'Daniel 573; #14 Mike Seery 572; #15 Kyle Phillips 571; #16 Josh Daviscourt 571 and #17 Matt Kluckman 555.

Smallbore: #6 Craig O'Daniel 571; #7 Everson 571; #9 Phillips 565; #10 Kluckman 564; #11 Seery 562; #12 Ben York 561; #14 Vasquez 552; #15 Josh Daviscourt 549; #16 Carpentier 548.

Team Scores: UTEP 4651 - Air Force 4570 (Smallbore AF 2350 - Air Rifle 2320)

On Oct. 14, 2011, the rifle team won the match, 4602-4570, against the Nebraska Huskers at the NU Rifle Range. The Falcons lost to the West Virginia Mountaineers, 4664-4597, in Lincoln.

Against the Huskers, Kyle Phillips was the Falcons' top shooter in the smallbore with a 569. Pat Everson had the highest air rifle score overall (586). Also in smallbore, Mike Seery scored 100 in the prone position to finish with a 563. Air Force scored 2264 in smallbore and 2338 in the air rifle.

In the match against WVU, the Falcons' lost, 2318-2267, in smallbore and 2346-2320 in air rifle at the NU Rifle Range. Everson paced the Falcons with a combined score of 1,150. He shot a 100 in air rifle and finished with a score of 586. He also scored 564 in the smallbore. Seery scored 100 twice in prone for a 569 score, he finished with a 570 in air rifle for an 1139 combined score.

November 5, 2011, the rifle team finished second in the overall team standings at the President's Trophy Match hosted by West Point, N.Y., on Nov. 5. In the overall team totals, Air Force scored 5749 points, just 63 points shy of the first-place finisher, Army (5812). The Midshipmen finished third with a 5734 followed by the Coast Guard Bears' 4333.

In the NCAA four-man scoring format, Army posted a 4651 followed by the Midshipmen (4607), Falcons (4599) and Bears (4333). The Falcons' air rifle squad scored 2326 points and the smallbore squad had 2273 points.

Individually, Everson was the Falcons' top shooter, scoring an aggregate 1158 for air rifle 585 and 573 in smallbore. Carpentier scored a season high with a 581 in the air rifle; she scored 561 points in smallbore for a combined score of 1142. Phillips posted an 1134 shooting a 576 in air rifle and 558 in smallbore.

Seery was the team's next highest shooter with a combined 1153 points (air rifle 584, which is a season best and a 569 in smallbore). Vasquez posted a combined score of 1144, shooting 584 in air rifle and 560 in smallbore. York scored a 575 in the air rifle and 570 in smallbore (1145). O'Daniel had a 575 in air rifle and 566 in smallbore (1141). Daviscourt had a 567 in air rifle and 561 in smallbore (1128).

Nov. 19, 2011 - The rifle team lost two matches against the University of Alaska and the University of Kentucky this past weekend in Fairbanks, Alaska.

On Friday, Nov. 18, Air Force lost to Alaska, 4658-4617. Everson and Carpentier were the Falcons high scorers in air rifle as both finished with 586 points each. Seery and Everson scored a high 574 and 573, respectively, in smallbore. The air rifle and smallbore squads finished with 2336 and 2281 points, respectively, for a final team score of 4617.

On Saturday, Nov. 19, the Falcons now 3-5, lost to Kentucky 4687-4608. Seery and Everson were the Falcons' top shooters in the match. Seery scored a 585 in air rifle and Everson had a 572 in smallbore. The Falcons' four-man air rifle squad scored 2331 points and combined with the smallbore squad's 2277 points, the team score was 4508.

December 2-4, 2011 - Three Air Force Academy shooters scored high marks at the U.S. Olympic Team Trials for Air Gun in Anniston, AL. Everson finished 12th and Vasquez finished 17th overall. Carpentier represented the Academy in the open women's air rifle event. This was the first time the freshman had ever competed in an open national event. Carpentier posted two very solid scores of 386 on both days, which placed her 30th in the nation.

On the first day, Everson advanced to the final round (top 8 shooters) with a 590 score (his second 590 of the season) and fired a 101.3 in the final to advance to seventh. Everson was the only collegiate shooter at the tryouts to advance to the final round on Day 1. Vasquez fired two very respectable scores of 588 and 585 that put him at the #17 spot. The trials were the first part of the journey toward the London 2012 Olympic Games for aspiring Olympians.

January 21, 2012: In the air rifle and smallbore matches between Air Force and the University of Nevada-Reno, the Falcons lost 4579-4623. Phillips and Carpentier were the Falcons top shooters. Phillips shot the second-best score in the smallbore match with a 574. Carpentier finished in the No. 3 spot with a 585 in the air rifle match.

In the smallbore, Carpentier finished in fifth place with a 570, followed by O'Daniel with a 569. Seery followed with a 567. Everson (558), Vasquez (557) and Kluckman (542) finished 12th through 14th, respectively.

In air rifle, Vasquez (585) and O'Daniel (583) filled in the fourth and fifth spots, respectively. The remaining Air Force shooters, Everson (579) finished eighth, Seery (575) ninth, York (573) 11th, Phillips (568) 13th and Kluckman (560) finished 14th. In team scoring, the smallbore team scored 2255 points, while the air rifle team had a 2324 for the cumulative 4579 points.

Jan. 28-29, 2012 - In rifle, No. 14 Air Force defeated No. 6 Ole Miss 4628-4627 at The Citadel in Charleston, S.C., on Sunday. Carpentier was the top shooter in air rifle with a 590 and Everson won the smallbore match with a 578. In the three-way match, Air Force placed first (4628), followed by Ole Miss (4627), and Citadel women (4258). The Falcons outshot the Bulldogs and the Rebels in both the smallbore and air rifle matches.

On Saturday, Ole Miss placed first (4640), followed by Air Force (4610), No. 20 North Carolina State (4596) and The Citadel (4456). The Wolfpack had the highest team score in smallbore (2292) and the Rebels finished with a 2350 in air rifle. The Falcons' top shooters in the match were York in smallbore (577) and Vasquez in air rifle (587).

In Sunday's match, Carpentier topped her high individual score off with a 100, 96, 98, 98, 99 and 99. Under Meili, Carpentier is the first Academy shooter to fire that high of a score against the Rebels. Everson fired a 100, 99, 94, 98, 91 and 96 for the 578 total in smallbore. The total scores for both Carpentier and Everson are career high aggregates.

The Falcons win on Sunday, is a season-record team high score and its first win this season against a top ranked school. Air Force is now 7-7 and is currently ranked No. 14.

Feb. 4, 2012: On Saturday, rifle team competed in a match against the TCU Horned Frogs. The Falcons lost the match, 4695-4618, while maintaining the competitiveness to score high points as a team. In team scoring, the Falcons scored 2283 points in smallbore and 2335 in air rifle.

Falcons' shooting scores in the high 580s include: Everson, who was the team's high scorer with a career best 582 in the smallbore. Everson finished third overall with scores of 100, 100, 96, 96, 96 and 94. He also scored a 586 in the air rifle (97, 99, 97, 97, 97 and 99). Everson contributed to the Falcons' overall score with an individual cumulative 1168 points, a career-high.

Carpentier, was the air rifle squad's high scorer with a 588, finishing in fourth place. She shot a 98, 98, 99, 98, 97 and 98. Carpentier also had a 563 in the smallbore.

Also contributing to the air rifle squad's overall scores was with a career high 587 and a 565 in smallbore. Vasquez helped top off the squad's score with a 581 (94, 97, 99, 98, 96, and 97) and a 540 in smallbore. York also contributed 580 points (99, 97, 97, 94, 98, and 95) and shot a career high 573 in the smallbore.

AFA's O'Daniel had a 575 in air rifle and a 571 in smallbore. Kluckman competed in smallbore and shot a 562. Phillips scored a 581 and 562 in air rifle and smallbore, respectively.

While under the leadership of Meili, the weekend's individual scores have been the highest for the Falcons versus the Horned Frogs, and the team scores have been climbing above the 4600 mark.

February 16, 2012: In the smallbore and air rifle match against TCU, the Air Force Academy rifle team closed out the regular season with their highest team score of the year. The Falcons lost the match 4644-4701. In the match, Air Force finished with a smallbore score of 2305 and in air rifle scored 2339 points. The 4644 is a school record since Launi Meili has been head coach.

February 18, 2012: The Air Force Academy rifle team fell to TCU 4600-4680 in the NCAA Qualifier Match in Fort Worth. The Falcons' top scores in both the air rifle and smallbore matches came from Everson, who finished in fourth place in air rifle with shots of 100-96-97-100-97-98 for 588 points. In smallbore, Vasquez also finished in fourth place with shots of 99-100-94-90-99- and 93 for a total score of 575.

In team scoring, the air rifle squad scored a total of 2324 points, combining Everson's 588 with York's 581 followed by Carpentier's 578 and Seery with 577 points.

In the smallbore, York's 575 total points were combined with Carpentier's 568, Everson's 568 and Seery's 565. Seery also fired off a 100-87-92-90-91 and 94 in the match. The combined team score for smallbore was 2276.

The team's high scorers in smallbore were #5 Everson with a 579. Everson shot a 99- 99- 94- 93- 95- 99 for the score. In #6., York scored 576 followed by Carpentier with a 575 and Seery with a 575. O'Daniel finished 9th with 569 points. Seery shot off two 100s a 94, 93, 94 and 94. In air rifle, York was the team's top finisher in fourth place and scored a 588, shooting 97-99-99-97-97 and 99. Vasquez finished in seventh place with a 586, getting there with a 98-97-98-98-98 and 97. Following York's score were #8 Everson with a 583, #9 Seery, with a 582, #10 Carpentier with a 582 and O'Daniel in 14th place with 558 points.



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