NCAA Qualifier Results -- the road to NCAAs
Feb. 17, 2018

U.S. Air Force Academy, Colo.  Air Force competed in the NCAA Qualifier Match at TCU in Fort Worth on Saturday, Feb. 17.  The Falcons lost 4683-4712. The qualifiers are in preparation of the 2018 NCAA Men’s and Women’s Rifle Championships. Teams from across the country competed in qualifier matches to determine the top eight teams who will participate in the NCAA Rifle Championships in March. 

 In the NCAA Qualifier against conference opponent TCU, Air Force shot an aggregate score of 4683, TCU won the match with a 4712.  In the 60-shot 3x20 smallbore match, Air Force scored a 2314.  In the 60-shot air rifle match, the team had a 2369.

 In the shoulder-to-shoulder smallbore match, cadet athletes Logan Ogden and Spencer Cap led the team with a 581 and 580, respectively. Spencer Brandon finished with a 575, and Anna Weilbacher had a 578.

 In the air rifle competition three cadets scored above 590 out of a possible 600. Ogden was the Falcons’ top finisher with a 595, while Cap shot a 592.  Brandon scored a 593, and Weilbacher had a 589.

In the top individual rankings, Ogden was third with an 1176, Cap was fourth with a total 1172. Brandon, who was seventh, had an 1168.  Weilbacher, who finished eighth, shot a total 1167.

 The NCAA uses each team’s top three regular season aggregate scores, and the average of those scores are added to the qualifier results.  The Falcons total score of 4683 was averaged into the team’s top three scores, which moved Air Force from seventh into fourth place in the NCAA Team Standings with a 9369.33 average total.  The top eight teams will be selected to participate in the championships, which will take place on March 9-10 in Charleston, S.C.




The NCAA Rifle Committee will announce the top eight teams and the eight individual qualifiers during the Championships selection show on Feb. 21 at 5 p.m. EST, on  Air Force will be on practice schedule for the remainder of February.

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