Air Force fencers yielded strong NCAA collegiate outcomes at Brandeis Invitational

Dec. 11, 2013

U.S. Air Force Academy, Colo. - On Dec. 8, 2013; the Air Force fencing team competed in Waltham, Mass., in the Brandeis Invitational. Air Force finished 6-6 overall against Columbia, Boston College, Cornell, Johns Hopkins, Brandeis, St. Johns, and Yale. The Falcon men were 2-4, and the women achieved a 4-2 record.

In the first official NCAA match-up of the season, Air Force yielded strong results in several areas. Drawing on the vigorous participation of newcomer Waverly Hock, women's foil dominated with five victories in six encounters, losing only to Columbia. Men's saber slashed through the competition from Brandeis and Boston College with equal 8-1 successes and was victorious against the Brandeis saber squad.

The men's and women's epee squads, led by two hometown favorites, nationally ranked James Salem (Pine Creek, H.S.), prevailed as the men's squad, 6-0, plus the women (4-2), led by team captain Olivia Prosseda (Lewis-Palmer, H.S.), prevailed against their opponents. The women's saber squad, now incorporating freshman Alyssa Holifena (Miller Place, N.Y.) earned five wins, only falling to Brandeis.

In the deeply competitive arena of men's foil, Air Force took its lumps relying on dedicated newcomer junior Daniel Johnson and freshman Garrett Turley to combine with junior Alexander Chiang to go up against the seasoned foilists from the Eastern schools.

"The women did great a job in Boston," said Head Coach Abdel Salem. "The men fought hard. There is hope we are bringing a very strong group together; just a little adjusting and we can produce more in similar encounters ahead."

The Air Force men's successes were against Boston College 19-8 and Johns Hopkins 16-11. The losses were to Yale 17-10, Brandeis 15-12, and Columbia 21-6.

The Air Force women's team victories were against Boston College 16-11, Yale 16-11, Brandeis 15-12 and Johns Hopkins, 17-10. They lost to Brown 17-10 and Columbia 18-9.

Dallas, Texas, is host to the final North American Cup, Division 1 and 2 matches of 2013 on Dec. 13-16. Several Air Force fencers will compete in the D1 & 2 NACs. Air Force will compete in the 2014 Western Invitational on Jan. 11 in California.




Brandeis Invitational, Dec. 8, 2013
Air Force Results (6-6)
Men: (2-4)
Air Force 19, Boston College 8
Air Force 16, Johns Hopkins 11
Yale 17, Air Force 10
Brandeis 15, Air Force 12
Columbia 21Air Force 6

Women: (4-2)
Air Force 16, Boston College 11
Air Force 16, Yale 11
Air Force 15, Brandeis 12
Air Force 17, Johns Hopkins 10
Brown 17, Air Force 10
Columbia 18, Air Force 9

NCAA FENCING, Brandeis Invitational

BRANDEIS 15, Air Force 12 (S,  4-5; F, 6-3; E, 5-4)
Air Force 19, BC 8 (S, 8-1; F,  3-6; E, 8-1)
Air Force 16, Johns Hopkins 11  (S, 8-1; F, 3-6; E, 5-4)
Brown 21, Air Force 6 (S, 6-3;  F, 8-1; E, 7-2)
Columbia 21, Air Force 6 (S,  6-3; F, 8-1; E, 7-2)
Yale 17, Air Force 10 (S, 5-4;  F, 6-3; E, 6-3)

WOMEN Air Force 15, BRANDEIS 12 (S, 3-6; F, 7-2; E, 5-4) Air Force 16, BC 11 (S, 5-4; F, 7-2; E, 4-5) Air Force 17, Johns Hopkins 10 (S, 4-5; F, 8-1; E, 5-4) Air Force 16, Yale 11 (S, 5-4; F, 7-2; E, 4-5) Brown 17, Air Force 10 (S, 7-2; F, 4-5; E, 6-3) Columbia 18, Air Force 9 (S, 5-4; F, 6-3; E, 7-2)

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