Bergstedt is Falcons' top fencer at Nick Toth in junior men's saber
Bergstedt was the Falcons' top competitor with a fifth-place finish.

Sept. 14, 2013

U.S. AIR FORCE ACADEMY, COLO. - (Sept. 14, 2013): The Air Force's Academy fencers opened the season hosting the Nick Toth Open today at the USAFA Cadet Gymnasium. Today's events were the Junior Men's Epee, Foil and Saber competitions. Matthew Bergstedt was the Falcons' top finisher, fifth, in junior men's saber.

With 17 competitors in junior men's saber, Bergstedt, who was eliminated in table 8 with a 13-15 loss, was the Falcons' top competitor with a fifth-place finish. Prior to the bout, Bergstedt received a BYE in table 32 and defeated his opponent 15-12.

In junior men's epee, Alexander Elwers on a BYE advanced to table 32, but was defeated in the next round, 9-15. He finished 17th overall. Elias Johnson finished 25th after he advanced 15-6 and was defeated, 13-14, in overtime. Alexander Pollack finished 30th overall after he advanced, 15-6 in the first round. He was then defeated, 5-14.

With a field of 18 fencers, the junior men's foil (three pools) fielded Air Force fencers Joshua Hayden, who was eliminated after an 11-15 loss and finished 14th. Garrett Turley was eliminated 6-15 in the first round. He finished in 12th place.

"This was a tough start for our fencers, but we have the rest of the season to build our path to the NCAAs," said head coach Abdel Salem. "We can do better and with practice we will have much better results."



The Senior Men's Epee, Foil and Saber competed earlier in the day. For results, go to

Day two of the Nick Toth Open has the senior and junior women's competitions. Live feed on YouTube will begin at 9:30 a.m. The competitions will start at 10:00 a.m.

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