Fencing team to compete in ND Duals

    Feb. 22, 2013

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    U.S. Air Force Academy, Colo. - (Feb. 23) The Academy's fencing team competes in the Notre Dame Duals in Indiana on Saturday. The seven rounds for the men's and women's bouts include host school University of Notre Dame, Northwestern University, Lawrence University, Air Force Academy, Cleveland State, Wayne State and the University of Detroit Mercy.

    The Irish will have live results available to view through their website. The link is as follows: http://www.und.com/livestats/c-fenc/index.htm

    8:00 - Round 1
    Northwestern v Lawrence
    Air Force v Cleveland State
    Wayne State v Detroit
    ND - Bye

    9:00 - Round 2
    Cleveland State v ND
    Northwestern v Detroit
    Air Force v Wayne State
    Lawrence - Bye

    10:00 - Round 3
    Detroit v Lawrence
    Wayne State v ND
    Northwestern v Air Force
    Cleveland State - Bye

    11:00 - Round 4
    Northwestern v Wayne State
    Detroit v ND
    Cleveland State v Lawrence
    Air Force - Bye

    12:00 - Round 5
    Wayne State v Cleveland State
    Air Force v Lawrence
    Northwestern v ND
    Detroit - Bye

    1:00 - Round 6
    Air Force v Detroit
    Northwestern v Cleveland State
    Lawrence v ND
    Wayne State - Bye

    2:00 - Round 7
    Air Force v ND
    Wayne State v Lawrence
    Detroit v Cleveland State
    Northwestern - Bye



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