Falcons go 7-5 overall in California

    Peter French
    Peter French

    Feb. 5, 2007

    Feb. 5, 2007

    The Air Force Academy Women's Fencing team competed in California this past weekend in the RIMAC Arena on Feb. 3 against UC San Diego, Northwestern, North Carolina, Caltech, UC Fullerton and Stanford in the annual West Invitational. The Air Force Men's team also competed against UC San Diego, Northwestern, North Carolina, UC Fullerton, Caltech and Stanford. The two teams ended the long day of fencing with an overall 3-3 women's record and 4-2 men's record.

    The Falcons'#9 ranked men's team earned its wins against UC Fullerton (21-6), Caltech (24-3), Northwestern (22-5) and UNC (14-13). The Falcons lost to #8 Stanford (12-15) and UCSD (13-14). The women's team beat Fullerton (20-7), Caltech (24-3) and UNC (16-11). They lost to Northwestern (4-23), Stanford (13-14) and UCSD (13-14).

    Freshman Peter French and sophomore Kai Anthony were two of the Falcons' top performers. Both had an overall bout score of 16-2.

    "The level of energy among the team really raised the level of our game. Our unity was unlike anything I had ever seen," said French.

    "I was really impressed by two of our freshman, Peter French and Mike O'Connor. This meet was a team effort, and these two guys made a difference in a big way with outstanding individual performances in their first NCAA meet," said Anthony.

    "Overall I am very please with the results of our top performers. Our women's foil team also did well this weekend," commented head coach Abdel Salem.

    Air Force Men's Overall (4-2)

    AFA -- Northwestern, Men - 22-5

    AFA -- CSUF, Men - 21-6

    AFA -- CIT, Men - 24-3

    AFA -- UCSD, Men - 13-14

    AFA -- Stanford, Men - 12-15

    AFA -- UNC, Men - 14-13

    Air Force Women's Overall (3-3)

    AFA -- Northwestern, Women - 4-23

    AFA -- CSUF, Women - 20-7

    AFA -- CIT, Women - 24-3

    AFA -- UCSD, Women - 13-14

    AFA --Stanford, Women - 13-14

    AFA -- UNC, Women - 16-11



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