Staff Directory

    Department of Athletics
    2168 Field House Dr.
    USAF Academy, CO 80840

    AREA CODE: 719

    Coaching Staff Directory

    Senior Administration
    Name Position (719)- Email
    Jim Knowlton Director of Athletics 333-4008 Email the AD
    Col Brian Hill Vice Director of Athletics 333-4008
    Col Tony McKenzie Director of Staff 333-4008
    Jim Trego Senior Associate AD 333-9011
    Lt. Col Brandon Doan Associate AD - PE/Athletic Programs 333-2798
    Linda Huggler Associate AD - Intercollegiate Programs\SWA 333-2202
    Dr. Nancy Hixson AFAAC Interim Chief Executive Officer 333-3501
    George Nelson Associate AD - Athletic Programs 333-2798
    Troy Garnhart Associate AD - Communications 333-9263
    William Carpenter Associate AD - Recruiting Support 333-2843
    John E. Coulahan, Jr. Associate AD - Finance 333-8003
    Miles Mathieu AFAAC Chief Financial Officer 333-4527
    Karen Warner Associate AD - Human Resources 333-3953
    Col Mark Wells NCAA Faculty Rep 333-3230
    Support Staff
    Name Position (719)- Email
    Capt. Erin Wilson Executive Assistant 333-4008 Erin.Wilson
    Hope Talley AFAAC Executive Office Manager 333-2626
    Athletic Communications
    Name Position (719)- Email
    Troy Garnhart Associate AD - Communications
    Football 1, Men's Basketball, M/W Tennis
    Dave Toller Assistant AD - Media Relations
    Football 2, Hockey, Water Polo, M/W Swimming and Diving, Lacrosse
    Nick Arseniak Assistant Media Relations Director
    Football 3, M/W Soccer, Women's Basketball, Wrestling, Baseball
    Valerie Perkin Assistant Media Relations Director
    Volleyball, M/W Cross Country, M/W Gymnastics, Boxing, Golf, M/W Track & Field
    Madeline McGuire Visual - Graphics Specialist
    M/W Fencing, M/W Rifle
    Brian Jerman Director/Producer-FalconVision 333-2368
    Adam Parker Producer-FalconVision 333-9442
    Name Position (719)- Email
    Mitch Mann Associate AD, External Operations 333-2626
    Cody Gougler Director of Development 333-3640
    Austin Collard Development Coordinator 333-2122
    Nick Kinney Development Coordinator 333-4558
    Marketing & Sales
    Name Position (719)- Email
    Scott Sterling Assistant AD, Marketing and Sales 333-0262
    Ronnie Semro Director of Marketing 333-0260
    Darnell Brady Assistant Director of Marketing/Fan Engagement 333-1090
    Kelsey Couts Assistant Director of Marketing/Branding 333-7225
    Brandon Birkhead Marketing Coordinator
    TBD Director of Sales 472-1895 x203
    TBD Account Executive - Ticket Sales 472-1895 x204
    Aphten Goldman Account Executive - Ticket Sales 472-1895 x206
    Denise Quelch Special Events Coordinator 333-0261
    Michael Jackson Food and Beverage Director 333-1215
    Jason Votruba General Manager - Team Store 472-0102
    Alex Thornberry Assistant General Manager - Team Store 472-0102
    Ticket Operations
    Name Position (719)- Email
    Connor Kruggel Assistant AD Ticketing and Premium Seating 472-1895
    Jon Morris Director of Ticket Operations 472-1895
    DeeAnna Carillo Ticket Office Assistant 472-1895
    Kelly Marchbank Ticket Office Assistant 472-1895
    IMG Corporate Sponsorships
    Name Position (719)- Email
    Paul Woody IMG General Manager 333-2626
    Scott Wiepking IMG Senior Account Executive 333-9572
    Stephen Ford IMG Account Executive 333-2618
    Business & Finance
    Name Position (719)- Email
    John E. Coulahan, Jr. Associate AD - Finance 333-8003
    Miles Mathieu AFAAC Chief Financial Officer 333-4527
    Nicholas Liegl Business Manager 333-0230
    Joyce Webster Adminstrative Assistant 333-2020
    Rebecca Chambon Business Affairs Director 333-4521
    Brian Waldie Human Resources Director 333-3421
    Keera Smith Accounts Payable Specialist 333-2125
    Yolanda Culmer Accounts Receivable Assistant 333-2126
    Sue-Ellen Downs Procurement/Contract Specialist 333-2803
    Caltara Zoellner-Gillespie Accountant 333-1360
    Events Management
    Name Position (719)- Email
    Jess Souza Assistant AD - Events Management 333-6273
    Nick Kiger Assistant AD, AFAAC Special Events 333-9024
    Vicky Jimmerson Events Management Specialist 333-0351
    Tim Neuman Events Management Specialist 333-9021
    Randy Richards Events Management Specialist 333-0760
    Travis Oosthoek Assistant Director, Sports Camps and Events 333-2116<
    Chad Peachey Events Manager - Camps, Clinics, Special Events 333-3793<
    Pam Nearhoof Ice Rink Events Manager 333-0229<
    Karyn Bridges Events Admin Assistant - Tailgate Coordinator 333-9537
    Facilities & Operations Support
    Name Position (719)- Email
    Roger Gustafson Assistant AD For Facility Support 333-4228
    Dan Siermine Associate AD, Equipment 333-6286<
    Gary Sheffield Stadium Manager 333-4924<
    Casey Green Assistant Stadium Manager 333-1151<
    Pam Nearhoof Ice Rink Events Manager 333-0229<
    Information Technology
    Name Position (719)- Email
    John Williams Chief Information Technology Officer 333-9234
    Myra Sparks Systems Administrator 333-9144
    Stacy Gorman Electronic Technician 333-9277
    Roger Gorman Electronic Technician 333-9277
    Human Resource Division
    Name Position (719)- Email
    Karen Warner Assistant AD - Human Resource Programs 333-3953
    Brian Waldie Human Resources Director 333-3421
    Recruiting Support
    Name Position (719)- Email
    William Carpenter Associate AD-Recruiting 333-2843
    Jake Helsham Assistant AD-Athletic Recruiting 333-2843
    Shannon Marsh Athletic Recruiting Assistant 333-0774
    Sports Medicine
    Name Position (719)- Email
    Gerald McGinty Associate AD-Sports Medicine 333-0227
    Lt Col Michael Zupan Director, Human Performance Lab 333-4188
    Tony Peck Chief Athletic Trainer 333-0218
    Chrystal Erickson Supervisor, Athletic Trainer
    Women's Soccer, Lacrosse, Rifle
    William Graham Supervisor, Athletic Trainer
    Men's Basketball, Track & Field
    Kristen Cornett Athletic Trainer-Men's Soccer, Swim & Dive 333-0215
    Jenny Stone Athletic Trainer-Volleyball, Tennis, Fencing 333-0216
    Derrick Fitts Athletic Trainer-Football, Boxing 333-8372
    Scott Hughes Athletic Trainer-Wrestling, Tennis 333-0212
    Erick Kozlowski Athletic Trainer- Head Football 333-0214
    Mark Peters Athletic Trainer-Football, Track & Field 333-1203
    Sheri Lampin Athletic Trainer-Women's Basketball, Cheer 333-0220
    Erik Marsh Athletic Trainer-Hockey, Golf 333-0219
    Ernie Sedelmyer Athletic Trainer-Football, Track & Field 333-0213
    Lisa Smith Athletic Trainer-Women's Gymnastics, Water Polo 333-0221
    Bret Weaver Athletic Trainer-Baseball, Cross Country 333-8371
    DeAnna Zamora Athletic Trainer-Men's Gymnastics, Swim & Dive 333-0223
    Name Position (719)- Email
    Scott Richardson Equipment Supervisor 333-8310
    Rob Malone Equipment Specialist 333-9261
    Robert Rush Equipment Specialist 333-9260
    Intercollegiate Logistics
    Name Position (719)- Email
    Jeff Cosky Chief of Football Operations 333-3235
    Kelleen Brown Military Airlift Advisor 333-7632
    NCAA Athletic Compliance
    Name Position (719)- Email
    Linda Huggler Assistant AD - Compliance 333-3088
    Chris Gines Assistant Director of Compliance 333-3064
    Physical Education Department
    Name Position (719)- Email
    Scott Nelson Director, Instructor Development 333-7033
    Tim Hartje Director, Fitness Testing and Evaluation Division 333-2340
    Chris Hoffman Director, Director, Scheduling -Grading Division 333-9265
    Chris Cicere Chief, Intercollegiate Liaison Division 333-2724

    Coaching Staff

    Name Position (719)- Email
    Mike Kazlausky Head Coach 333-0835
    Toby Bicknell Assistant Coach 333-7539
    Blake Miller Assistant Coach 333-7539
    Men's Basketball
    Name Position (719)- Email
    Dave Pilipovich Head Coach 333-3039
    Kurt Kanaskie Assistant Coach 333-9091
    Tyron Wright Assistant Coach 333-3039
    Nate Zandt Assistant Coach 333-0688
    Andy Moore Assistant Coach 333-3039
    Holly Green Administrative Assistant 333-4139
    Women's Basketball
    Name Position (719)- Email
    Chris Gobrecht HeadCoach 333-0994
    Stacy McIntyre Assistant Coach 333-6736
    Erin Mills-Reid Assistant Coach
    Clare Fitzpatrick Assistant Coach 333-2056
    Janean Jubic Assistant Coach
    Capt. Derek Brooks Military Assistant Coach 333-2310
    Jordan McFarland Administrative Assistant 333-0994
    Name Position (719)- Email
    Blake Baldi Head Coach 333-0600
    Name Position (719)- Email
    Laura Hutcheon Head Coach 333-4771
    Cross Country
    Name Position (719)- Email
    Ryan Cole Head Coach 333-3602
    Name Position (719)- Email
    Abdel Salem Head Coach 333-4807
    Nicholas Stockdale Assistant Coach 333-9399
    Name Position (719)- Email
    Troy Calhoun Head Coach 333-3836
    Clay Hendrix Associate Head Coach - Off. Coordinator, O-Line 333-3370
    Mike Thiessen Asst Head Coach - Off. Coordinator, Quarterbacks 333-3371
    Steve Russ Asst Head Coach - Def. Coordinator, Secondary 333-3836
    Ben Miller Running Backs, Special Teams 333-7265
    Matt Weikert Outside Linebackers 333-3837
    Steve Senn Director of Recruiting 333-7361
    Jake Campbell Offensive Assistant 333-3372
    Tim Cross Defensive Line 333-3368
    Steed Lobotzke Tight Ends 333-7964
    Derek Lewis Wide Receivers 333-7964
    Ron Vanderlinden Inside Linebackers 333-0778
    John Rudzinski Secondary, Recruiting Coordinator 333-2434
    Capt. Ross Weaver Offensive Assistant 333-7836
    Maj Mike Walker JV Assistant Head Coach 333-7836
    Matt McGettigan Director of Speed - Strength & Conditioning 333-0323
    Christopher Miller Video Coordinator 333-7989
    Janel Mitchell Administrative Assistant 333-3836
    Men's Golf
    Name Position (719)- Email
    George Koury Head Coach 333-2280
    Chris Wilson Associate Head Coach 333-4650
    Men's Gymnastics
    Name Position (719)- Email
    Kip Simons Head Coach 333-7667
    Josh Loeser Assistant Coach 333-6422
    Jeff Robinson Assistant Coach 333-4609
    Women's Gymnastics
    Name Position (719)- Email
    Doug Day Head Coach 333-2422
    Kyle Georges Assistant Coach 333-9503
    Ice Hockey
    Name Position (719)- Email
    Frank Serratore Head Coach 333-3954
    Joe Doyle Associate Head Coach 333-8596
    Andy Berg Assistant Coach 333-4384
    TBA Administrative Assistant 333-4139
    Name Position (719)- Email
    Eric Seremet Head Coach 333-9298
    Bill Wilson Assistant Coach 333-7544
    David Cohn Assistant Coach 333-9505
    Name Position (719)- Email
    Launi Meili Head Coach 333-4657
    Mike Anti Assistant Coach 333-1797
    Men's Soccer
    Name Position (719)- Email
    Doug Hill Head Coach 333-2174
    Chris Foster Assistant Coach 333-3628
    Kevin Doyle Assistant Coach 333-2174
    Women's Soccer
    Name Position (719)- Email
    Larry Friend Head Coach 333-2061
    Kiha Sutta Assistant Coach 333-9506
    Christin Brodie Assistant Coach 333-2201
    Strength & Conditioning
    Name Position (719)- Email
    Buck Blackwood Head Strength And Conditioning Coach 333-0981
    Kim Pinske Asst. Strength and Conditioning Coach 333-4079
    Capt. Kevin Quinn Asst. Strength and Conditioning Coach 333-7477
    Drew Bodette Asst. Strength and Conditioning Coach 333-4817 Andrew.Bodette
    Men's Swimming & Diving
    Name Position (719)- Email
    Rob Clayton Head Coach 333-4726
    Anthony Boettcher Assistant Coach 333-1217
    Stan Curnow Head Diving Coach 333-2331
    Women's Swimming & Diving
    Name Position (719)- Email
    Casey Converse Head Coach 333-4765
    Colleen Murphy Assistant Coach 333-1752
    Stan Curnow Head Diving Coach 333-2331
    Men's Tennis
    Name Position (719)- Email
    Dan Oosterhous Head Coach 618-980-8634
    Evan Urbina Associate Head Coach 333-2564
    Women's Tennis
    Name Position (719)- Email
    Kim Gidley Head Coach 333-2489
    Nick Dargene Assistant Coach 333-9278
    Track & Field
    Name Position (719)- Email
    Ralph Lindeman Head Coach - Combined Events 333-2173
    Scott Steffan Associate Head Coach - Jumps 333-4964
    Ryan Cole Assistant Coach - Mid-Distance, Distance 333-3602
    Keith Vance Assistant Coach - Throws 333-3013
    Beau Walker Assistant Coach - Sprints, Hurdles 333-9501
    Name Position (719)- Email
    Matt McShane Head Coach 333-7229
    Keith Barnett Assistant Coach 333-2274
    Marc Swindle Assistant Coach 333-6789
    Water Polo
    Name Position (719)- Email
    Jeff Heidmous Head Coach 333-2792
    Ryan Brown Assistant Coach 333-9288
    Name Position (719)- Email
    Sam Barber Head Coach 333-1751
    Bart Horton Assistant Coach 333-1603
    Chris Heilman Assistant Coach 333-2811

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