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The vision of the Sports Medicine Division is to be one of the top Sports Medicine Programs in the country. The primary mission of the division is to provide the safest and most effective and efficient sports medicine services possible to the cadet population involved in intercollegiate, intramural, physical education and fitness training and testing activities through the achievement of four basic goals:

1. Provide and supervise the highest quality strength and conditioning programs for all cadets involved in intercollegiate athletics while directly supporting physical education, and fitness training and testing activities.

2. Select, procure, inspect, maintain and distribute the safest and highest quality equipment and supplies needed by all cadets involved in intercollegiate athletics.
3. Evaluate, educate and train intercollegiate athletes, cadets and coaches with the most effective techniques to improve athletic performance through the use of current exercise physiology, biomechanics and sport vision enhancement principles.

4. Prevent, evaluate, treat, and rehabilitate injuries incurred by cadets while participating in physical education classes, intramurals, fitness testing activities and intercollegiate sports conducted by the Department of Athletics through the use of state-of-the-art athletic training procedures and modalities.

BRANCHES: The Sports Medicine Division is composed of three main branches: Athletic Training; Strength and Conditioning; and Human Performance Lab. Associate Athletic Director for Sports Medicine, Lt. Col. Joel Dixon, oversees the division.

1. Athletic Training Branch: Mr. Anthony K. Peck is the  Head Athletic Trainer.
The athletic training staff includes 16 board certified athletic trainers, with 14 post-graduate degrees among it's 16 staff members. The staff provides athletic training services to all 4000+ cadets at the Academy involved in intramurals, physical education, fitness testing and 27 intercollegiate sports. The Athletic Training Branch facilities include three state-of-the-art athletic training rooms (locations include; the Falcon Athletic Center, the Cadet Gymnasium and the Cadet Field House).

2.Strength and Conditioning Branch: Mr. Buck Blackwood is the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach. Coach Blackwood is assisted by Drew Bodette, Kim Pinske, Mike McFadden, Maj. Bucher, Tim Gabriel, Taylor Lorbiecki, and Bryce Taylor. Strength and Conditioning provides support of USAF Academy's 27 intercollegiate athletic teams. The Falcon Athletic Center and Cadet Gym intercollegiate weight rooms are some of the finest in the nation with state-of-the-art equipment, running areas, and setups unique to the Academy.

The professionals in the Sports Medicine Division provide the day-to-day sports medicine services required by our cadet athletes, but they receive outstanding support and assistance from the medical professionals assigned to the 10th Medical Group. Departments of the 10th Medical Group that provide this assistance on a regular basis over and above their normal duty requirements and frequently during their off duty time include orthopedics, radiology, emergency medicine, preventive medicine, obstetrics & gynecology, physical therapy, dentistry and the cadet clinic. Many other medical professionals from other specialties such as neurology and dermatology (among others) provide assistance and consultation as well. A number of physicians volunteer to be "Team Docs" under the direction of the Head Team Physician, Dr. (Maj.) C. Dain Allred. They include: Dr. (Lt Col) Darren Campbell, Dr. (LtCol) Brett Anderson, Dr. (Maj) Chance Henderson, Dr. (Maj) Jonathon Jackson, Dr. (Col.) Benjamin Kam and Dr. (Maj.) R. Judd Robins. The responsibility of being a team physician requires extensive time and effort on their part. The teamwork between the Sports Medicine Division and the 10th Medical Group is a key ingredient in the extremely high level of sports medicine services available to Academy cadets and athletes. This teamwork and the highly professional staff in both the Sports Medicine Division and the 10th Medical Group makes the Sports Medicine Program at the USAF Academy one of the best in the nation.

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