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The Human Performance Lab, located at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO, offers an amazing internship opportunity. It is a great prospect for young professionals who want to grasp a better understanding of exercise physiology and vision training while being exposed to military structure and how they apply to both athletics and military personnel. The Human Performance Lab is unique compared to other universities in how the exercise physiology lab environment intertwines with both the athletic department and the military.

Our internship is highly interactive and encourages initiative, providing ample opportunities to monitor, build, and execute vision and interval training, as well as, physiological testing. Each day is filled with opportunities to learn not only how we conduct both testing and training, but also why certain tests and protocols are used. The self-discipline and dedication an intern demonstrates will determine how much they will benefit from this internship experience. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, data analysis and editing research studies for publication, monitoring and building vision programs, running hyperoxic training sessions, conducting and analyzing physiological tests, communicating results with athletes and active duty, and general day-to- day operations of running a human performance lab. Interns will gain hands on experience while working with athletes, cadets, permanent party, and active duty in both testing and training.

Overall, this comprehensive internship is designed to prepare interns for a career in this expanding field. Interns will not only learn the logistics behind everything that is conducted in the Human Performance Lab but also how to apply it to athletes and military personnel. Interns will learn how to be a professional in this career field and of the potential opportunities that lie ahead. Although this is an unpaid internship, we offer a unique opportunity for education, experience, and professional development, with the possibility of professional recommendations.

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