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    Baseball Men's Water Polo
    Men's Golf Men's Rifle
    Ice Hockey Women's Basketball
    Men's Basketball Women's Cross Country
    Men's Cross Country Women's Fencing
    Football Women's Gymnastics
    Men's Fencing Women's Soccer
    Men's Gymnastics Women's Tennis
    Men's Lacrosse Women's Track & Field
    Men's Soccer Women's Swimming
    Men's Swimming Women's Diving
    Men's Diving Women's Volleyball
    Men's Tennis Wrestling
    Men's Track & Field Women's Rifle

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    Baseball - Mike Kazlausky

    Men's Basketball - Dave Pilipovich

    Women's Basketball - Andrea Williams

    Men's And Women's Cross Country -Ryan Cole

    Men's And Women's Fencing - Abdel Salem

    Football - Troy Calhoun

    Golf - George Koury

    Men's Gymnastics - Kip Simons

    Women's Gymnastics - Doug Day

    Ice Hockey - Frank Serratore

    Lacrosse -Eric Seremet

    Men's And Women's Rifle - Launi Meili

    Men's Soccer - Doug Hill

    Women's Soccer -Larry Friend

    Men's Swimming - Rob Clayton

    Women's Swimming - Casey Converse

    Men's And Women's Diving - Stan Curnow

    Men's Tennis - Dan Oosterhous

    Women's Tennis - Kim Gidley

    Men's And Women's Track And Field - Ralph Lindeman

    Women's Volleyball - Matt McShane

    Water Polo - Jeff Heidmous

    Wrestling - Sam Barber

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