2013-14 Air Force Athlete of the Week

    Sept. 2 Hillary Keltner, Volleyball
    Sept. 9 Hannah Everson and Jake Hawkins, Cross Country
    Kyle Westmoreland, Golf
    Sept. 16 Alexander Chiang and Mary McElwee, Fencing
    Sept. 23 Marcelli Magday and Natasha Rizvi, Women's Tennis
    Sept. 30 Caleb Guarino, Water Polo
    Kristina O'Sullivan, Women's Soccer
    Oct.  15 Zachary Modly, Men's Soccer
    Kim Davis, Women's Swimming
    Oct. 21 Meredith Carpentier, Rifle
    Dominic Vallejo, Men's Diving
    Oct. 28 Maggie Sherrill, Volleyball
      Sam Laughlin, Women's Swimming 
    Nov. 4 Isaiah Bragg, Cross Country
      David Walker, Wrestling
      Ally Swift, Women's Soccer 
    Nov. 12 Taylor Parker, Volleyball
    Nov. 18 Meredith Carpentier, Rifle
      Hannah Everson, Cross Country 
    Nov. 25 Isaiah Bragg, Cross Country
      Jesse Stafford, Wrestling 
    Dec. 2 Maggie Sherrill, Volleyball
    Dec. 9 Meredith Carpentier, Rifle
      Josh Martinez, Wrestling 
      Genevieve Miller, Women's Swimming 
    Dec. 16 Rachel Herald, Track and Field
    Jan. 6 Josh Martinez, Wrestling
      Kyle Westmoreland, Golf
    Jan. 13 Madeleine Girardot, Fencing
    Jan. 20 Savanna Meadows, Diving
      Annette Eichenberger, Track and Field
    Jan. 27 David Higgins, Rifle
    Feb. 3 Timmy Wang, Men's Gymnastics
    Feb. 10 Morgan Malone, Track and Field
    Feb. 18 Grant Hamilton, Track and Field
    Tyler Huebner, Men's Gymnastics
    Feb. 24 Genevieve Miller, Women's Swimming
    Griffin Jax, Baseball
    March 3 Annette Eichenberger, Track and Field
    Dominic Vallejo, Men's Diving
    March 10  Mike Crampton, Lacrosse
    Greg Rinker, Wrestling
    March 17 Meredith Carpentier, Rifle
    Joey Uhle, Track and Field
    March 24 Denis Aurelius, Men's Gymnastics
    Alyssa Hofilena, Women's Fencing
    March 31  Griffin Jax, Baseball 
    Mike Crampton, Lacrosse
    April 5 Mike Crampton, Lacrosse
    Natasha Rizvi, Women's Tennis
    April 12 Tim Wang, Men's Gymnastics
    Cameron White, Baseball
    April 19 Spencer Draws, Baseball
    April 28 Annette Eichenberger, Track and Field
    David Higgins, Rifle
    May 5 Keith Dreyer, Lacrosse
    May 12 Bo Wilson, Baseball
    Danielle Tabb, Track and Field
    May 19 Rachel Herald, Track and Field



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