Ice Rink


Below are rules for all skaters to follow during their time at AFA Cadet Ice Arena. Some of these rules are a given, but we believe they are critical for campers to understand. Our #1 priority is the safety and wellbeing of all skaters.

  • The possession or use of illegal drugs, as well as, tobacco or alcohol will lead to automatic dismissal.

  • Absolutely no weapons to include explosives, laser pointers, knives, or firearms are allowed.

  • No lewd or provocative clothing is allowed. Those who are wearing inappropriate clothing will be asked to change their clothes immediately.

  • All skaters must pay prior to entering ice surface.
  • No one is allowed on the ice without skates.

  • Skaters are to stay on rubber floor matting when not on the ice.

  • Skaters will skate in one direction.
  • Skaters may not carry small children while on the ice.

  • Sitting on boards is prohibited.
  • The use of foul language, fighting, horseplay, stealing, sneaking out of the dorms, bullying, making fun of others, or any type of inappropriate behavior is prohibited and may lead to immediate dismissal from the Cadet Ice Arena.

  • Littering, food or drinks are not allowed on the ice or in players bench areas.
  • No hockey sticks, glovesor pucks are allowed during public skating. (Hockey gloves may only be worn during lessons or stick-n-shoot)
  • When using gliders you may not push them into other skaters or give rides to others.

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