Player Diary - By Kristin E. Huitt

Nov. 12, 2002

By Kristin E. Huitt

The team showed much improvement last weekend, but we came away really disappointed about our loss to Wyoming in five games. The previous week we learned a great deal about each other and it has only pushed us more. We are moving on and are looking forward to a week of intense practices to prepare us for this upcoming weekend.

It will be an important weekend for the team mentally and physically. We plan on doing what we can to make sure we walk away with a win or two. There have been so many upsets in the conference this year, why can't it be our turn? We have always been the underdog and that is truly the best position to be in going into any fight. We are going to use all we've got to our advantage, we want a win. This losing streak isn't what our teams about and it represents us poorly.

We have continued to make improvements that are crucial to our success, now we just have to make sure we are all pulling our weight and we are all pushing each other. Some teams stay on the edge of greatness and some teams stay great. We just have to keep reminding ourselves where we fall and more importantly where we want to fall.

Jennifer Hiddink
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