October 21, 2002

By Delavane Diaz

It took a painful 4 game loss to UNLV to make us reevaluate, or just plain evaluate, exactly what this season is all about.

When we returned home to win back-to-back tournament titles and started a 6-1 win streak, it was almost as if we had started a run and wouldn't look back: we didn't want to have to remember or worse, relive, the losses.

But the unavoidable truth is that those days will always be a part of us, a part of our past. And that past came back to haunt us... and fortunately, teach us a few lessons as well.

We learned that winning doesn't just happen. It requires hard work. We know that we still have a long way to go before this season is over and we found out what we need to do to win. And probably the hardest of all to accept, we faced the fact that we all need to improve and it is going to take a lot of hard work to get us there.

But we're ready and willing... And now we know what this season is about: it's about setting a new standard and breaking every expectation that has been set for Air Force volleyball.

Oct 16 Athlete of the Week_Denise Ssozi
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