Jan. 1, 2004


    The 2004 Falcon Sports Camps will be held June 14-18, June 21-25, and June 28-30 (Commuter only).

    Question: When can I register my son or daughter for the 2004 Falcon Sports Camp?
    Answer: Registration will begin February 1st, 2004.

    Question: What is the age requirement to attend camp?
    Answer: Commuter ages are 8-18 for most camps, while boarder ages are 12-18.

    Question: Who actually coaches our kids during Sports Camps?
    Answer: Each respective sport is headed by the Air Force Academy's coaching staff. However, because of the abundance of campers additional high school and college coaches are also hired.

    Question: What kind of evening activities are available once camp is completed each afternoon?
    Answer: Falcon Sports Camps have an abundance of activities and venues for each boarder. A boarder can choose from ice skating, to swimming, playing basketball or volleyball, or simply relaxing in Arnold Hall where they can play pool, watch a movie, or play in the arcade gallery. Each boarder is required to be in their dorm room by 10:00 pm.

    Question: What kind of supervision is provided to Sports Camp boarders during their stay?
    Answer: Led by a staff of active duty officers, there are over seventy cadet counselors who reside in the cadet dormitory during Sports Camp. The cadets provide counseling, guidance, and supervision. We also have a night recreation staff that ensures the boarder's safety and well-being during scheduled evening activities.

    Question: Is there a medical staff available at all times for the campers?
    Answer: Yes. There is a staff of sixteen nurses and trainers available 24 hours a day ready to tackle any problem that might arise during camp.

    Question: Are girls and boy's dorm rooms located on the same floors?
    Answer: The female boarders are completely segregated from the male boarders. There is a dedicated floor for females only that is also managed and supervised by female cadets.

    Question: Are meals included during camp?
    Answer: All boarders are provided breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Breakfast and dinner is served in Mitchell Hall. Lunch is a catered affair and is served in the Cadet Field House. Commuter campers are provided the same catered lunch as the boarders are.

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