Player Diary

Sunday, September 22, 2002

By C2C Delavane Diaz.

"What an amazing weekend..." I couldn't put that thought out of my mind for long. This afternoon I couldn't help but spend every spare moment reflecting back to the greatest volleyball weekend of my college career. As I spent the afternoon doing homework, washing clothes, and studying for a long week of tests, the thoughts continued to flood my subconscious. It was a very uplifting feeling, and I couldn't help but smile.

If the Air Force volleyball team recorded its growth like a child does -- with scratchy pencil lines on the kitchen wall -- the measurement taken today would be off the charts. Winning our matches against Stetson, the University of San Francisco, and Hofstra, and capturing our second tournament title of the season showed an incredible amount of growth and maturity.

Each match tested us in a unique way, and we responded to the challenge with a passion and a competitiveness that I am proud to say now defines our team. The way we played this weekend affirms the fact that, as a program, we have truly come such a long way. Not only did we beat Stetson, we destroyed them! For the first time in our season we were able to maintain our level of play regardless of the ability of our opponents.

In the match against San Francisco we showed our ability to fight, and to fight long and hard. I am so incredibly proud of our two and a half hour, 5 game win over USF, and I am convinced that it was the defining moment of our season

Against Hofstra we proved an important fact to ourselves. We showed that a rough start is not an indicator and certainly no excuse for a loss. Although it is definitely a psychological advantage to win the first game, our team is strong enough and completely capable of turning the momentum in our favor.

We are a much stronger team than we were a year ago. I have no doubt that when we earn our first conference wins the enthusiasm and excitement over the Air Force volleyball team will be unavoidably contagious.

Jennifer Hiddink
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