30 for $30,000 and The Pikes Peak United Way - Where the Money Goes

    Sept. 18, 2013


    Since 1922, Pikes Peak United Way has been reaching out, helping those in need within our community. Although needs have changed through the years, Pikes Peak United Way's ability to touch and save lives has only grown stronger. With your support, over 130,000 local residents were helped last year - that's one person every four minutes.

    For most of us, our daily choices are effortless, we barely know we're even making them. But that isn't the case for almost one-third of the people who live in our community - people who are having trouble meeting such basic needs as food, shelter, clothing, utility assistance and medical care - people like our typical 2-1-1 caller, a single mother in her early forties living on less than $1,100 a month.

    Or how about the elderly gentleman who has to choose between buying food and paying his utility bill? If he buys food that week, even the most meager amount, he'll be sitting in the dark, alone and cold until he can save up enough money to reconnect his utility service. Unfortunately, it happens each and every day.

    Or what about the child that goes to kindergarten for his first day of school, excited about the opportunity to meet new friends and learn new things, and quickly discovers that he doesn't know what the other kids know? Unfortunately, he lived in a home with no books, no access to quality care, and with parents who didn't realize how much his brain was developing in his early years. He, in turn, enters kindergarten at least two years behind the other children in his reading skills, and the fact is he probably won't catch up by the time he reaches third grade when he has to start reading to learn other subjects. These are but a sampling of individuals Pikes Peak United Way helps on a daily basis.


    Under the umbrella of United Way Worldwide but independently governed, Pikes Peak United Way is a local nonprofit organization that brings our community together, focusing resources on the most critical health and human service needs, while striving to create positive, sustained change.


    • IT'S LOCAL

    Over 130,000 Colorado Springs residents' lives were improved last year because you cared enough to give.


    Because of the generosity of our Cornerstone members who underwrite PPUW administrative and fundraising costs (a low 13.8% - half of the national average) 100% of every dollar received by Pikes Peak United Way goes directly where it should go: to programs and services to help those in need.


    During the allocations process, 150 business and civic leaders assess agency programs prior to and after funding to make sure your donation is used to meet the greatest needs in our community and measurable results obtained.

    • IT'S EASY

    You choose the way you want to give - Reserve your season tickets or make a pledge for Air Force three pointers

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