Aug. 24, 2011

Bridgett Murphy looking forward to senior season
By C2C Sarah Christine Haas

Senior women's soccer player Bridgett Murphy is in her senior season at Air Force. She has helped the Falcons to a 2-0 record to open the 2011 season. She recently stopped for a chat with Cadet Second Class Sarah Christine Haas.

Q -- How excited are you about the team's 2-0 start this season?
A --  I'm very excited! I think this is exactly where we need to be if we want to have a successful season.

Q -- How is the attitude of the team right now since you had a strong showing last year and have gotten off to such a good start in 2011?
A -- We are excited but intense. Our team mentality and coaching staff push us physically and mentally every minute of every practice so we are all well aware of the long season ahead and the work we still have to do, but overall we are positive.

Q -- What are your goals for the team this season?
A --  Our team goals are to achieve a winning record and go to the conference tournament. We kept it pretty simple.

Q -- You are a three-time all-MWC selection and won team MVP honors last year, what are your personal goals this season?
A --  I want to be a contributor; if this means scoring, assisting, or running along the touchline all game, I'm down for it. Secretly I just want to have fun though.

Q -- When did you start playing soccer?
A -- I started playing when I was 6, which is actually a late start.

Q -- Who is the biggest influence in your sports career and why?
A --  My first competitive soccer coach Christine Feronti had the biggest influence on me. I was ten or eleven when I joined her U-12 comp team and she taught me everything about first touch, technical work, moving off the ball, and general hard work. She told my teammates and I that it didn't matter what we did in life, as long as we gave it our all and had pride in what we did. "I don't care if your job is flipping burgers, you better be the best darn hamburger flipper there is." She also taught me that if I wasn't moving I was probably doing something wrong.

Q -- What made you decide to come to the Air Force Academy?
A -- There were a lot of reasons. I wanted to be pushed in college because I had worked so hard in high school and I figured I might as well keep going. The job security was a big pull too. Service to my country factored in a lot as well; I felt that I had enjoyed a great life so far and military service would be a great way to repay this debt. Also, the fact that I am the oldest of 7 kids and had an opportunity to be completely financially independent from my parents during college was very attractive to me. This way they could save their money to help out the rest of my siblings if they need it in the future.

Q -- What has been the best soccer moment in your career at Air Force?
A -- They all blend together!  I have trouble remembering specific games but one thing I do remember was when our team danced on TV before the BYU game. My family called me the next day to tell me they all were dying laughing watching me try to be cool. No matter what, your family will think you are the biggest nerd; keeps you humble.

Q -- What is your favorite thing about being at the Air Force Academy?
A --  The friendships I've made here are fantastic. My roommate is my best friend, and we are both very close with our squadron-mates. At school, in the squad, or down at the field I'm surrounded by my best buds. Without that, I could never survive here.

Q -- What do you plan to do after graduation?
A --  I'm not sure yet, I have a lot of opportunities in very different tracks. I would like to try the OSI program, but if not that, I will try to go to grad school right away. If that doesn't work I would be equally happy being an Intel officer and playing for the armed forces soccer team.

Q -- You list in your bio that you'd like to write and illustrate sci-fi/fantasy novels for kids someday. Where did that interest come from for you?
A --  I've always loved writing and have a bit of a creative streak. It might seem a bit at-odds with my current career choice but ultimately, writing is what I've wanted to do since I was a kid.

Q -- What is your favorite movie?
A -- I don't know. It changes. I cry like a baby every time I watch Gladiator though.

Q -- What is your favorite book?
A --  I really enjoyed 100 years of solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

You are one of six kids, what's it like having such a big family?
A --  It's wild. We had a great childhood though. We were homeschooled so we didn't have school on Friday (park day), and we were done by noon the rest of the time so we could spend the rest of the time jumping on the trampoline, climbing trees , swimming, making forts out of cushions etc...normal kid stuff that I don't think kids today get enough of. Life in the house is still ridiculous when everyone comes home for holidays. I share a bathroom with two sisters. Keara is 19 and plays soccer for University of North Florida; Bernadette is 17 and is currently being recruited to swim in college. I'm the runt so I get elbowed away from the sink every time I try to brush my teeth. My brothers are Noah (13) (Football, Lax, Swimming, Gymnastics), Abram (11) (Soccer), and Aaron (6) (Soccer). They are moody and eat all the food in the house. Little Gracie is 4 and she is my replacement. My mom had her about a year before I left for BCT and we look a lot alike. I love them, even though they are all crazy.





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