Social Planned For Friends of Fencing

    Aug. 19, 2002

    A Special Invitation

    Dear Fencers, Family and Friends;

    Plans have been made for a fencing club dinner on Friday, August 30th at 6 p.m. at the Academy's Officer's Club. Anyone associated with Academy fencers is welcome to attend this informal social function. One of the topics during the evening will be the 2002-03 schedule and the best way for us to support the team.

    The cost of dinner, including gratuity, is $19.00 per person. We need to have a definite count by Tuesday, Aug. 27th. Reservations and checks may be sent directly to:

    Renee DeFrancia Lumpp
    3680 Miller Ct.
    Whet Ridge, Colorado 80033
    phone: 303-420-1128

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