The two primary goals for all athletes participating in strength and conditioning programs at the Air Force Academy is to improve performance and reduce the opportunity for injury. In short, we want to enhance athletic performance and keep our athletes as free from injury as possible. To accomplish those goals we adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Emphasize Olympic-style exercises each workout
  2. Develop as much power and speed capability as possible
  3. Develop as much athleticism as possible
  4. Dumbbell training is a priority
  5. Free weight training is an area of emphasis
  6. Training movements rather than muscle groups is a focus
  7. Make significant use of water as form of resistance
  8. Training the core is a priority
We expect our athletes to train with great intensity, follow the training program provided to them, and to know at all times they have outworked and are better prepared than their opponents.
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