Color Falcon Stadium BLUE
    Color Falcon Stadium BLUE

    June 13, 2007

    The excitement and support for college football has turned into a monotone of color at almost every big time college stadium. It's red at Nebraska, blue at Penn State, green at Michigan State.

    It's a sight to see and it's a sight that should be seen at Falcon Stadium. Our mission at the Academy is to paint every venue for every sport in blue. In short we want a BLUE OUT. We want all fans in royal blue supporting our teams.

    The AFAAA Gift Shops are stocking as much royal blue apparel as they possibly can in an effort to accomplish this "Blue Out" at Falcon home events. This merchandise is being offered at very affordable prices to Air Force fans. There's a great selection of jerseys, sweatshirts, t-shirts, caps and more to choose from.

    Visit the store by clicking on the "Marketplace" icon in the upper right side of this page. It links to the official Academy gift shop. As always, all proceeds from sales goes directly to cadet athletics.

    Support the Academy athletic teams by wearing blue this year and every year at Falcon athletic events.

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