Jan. 15, 2002

Body Composition

The measurement of percent body fat is widely used in sports medicine as another determinate of athletic performance. We have the capabilities to measure percent body fat by several different procedures including hydrostatic testing which is currently the gold standard in body fat testing. If you are more interested in measuring an athletes subcutaneous fat then we can perform skinfold and girth measurements. Each test takes only minutes and once again we have the capability to build a team data base through repeated measurements for monitoring and comparison purposes.

The ideal weight of an athlete is made up of the person's total weight and the relationship of lean body weight to fat weight ratio. Consideration in determining an ideal weight includes the natural endowment and basic physical structure of the athlete plus the type of activities in which he or she competes. We can assess the amount of fat and lean body weight, the ideal weight for the individual with specific consideration to the sport engaged and the amount of alterations that may be made within safe limits. If the corrections in body composition are made within the guidelines set forth by these appraisal techniques, the athlete may then enjoy a "higher performance level potential".

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