Jan. 15, 2002

    Aerobic Testing (Maximal Oxygen Uptake)

    We accurately measure an athletes maximal oxygen uptake (VO2 max). Maximal oxygen uptake is one determinate of endurance performance and provides important information on the capacity of the long-term energy systems that use oxygen. This test can be performed in the lab on the treadmill or cycle ergometer. It consists of a 10 to 15 minute test against increasing workloads. Try as they might, the athletes cannot beat the treadmill.

    Important information is gained from this test includes seeing the metabolic and cardiovascular adaptations to training, maximal heart rate for training purposes and the ability to get more specific on training intensities through an indirect determination of the athlete',s anaerobic threshold.

    Running Economy

    A very sport specific test we can perform is measuring an athletes running or cycling economy. This can be done at a variety of speeds and tells you which athletes have the more economical styles through metabolic analysis. Running economy is another indicator of athletic performance since the more economical runner will be using a lower percentage of his or her VO2 max at a given speed. This test will take about 30 minutes and speeds chosen can be matched to the athletes ability. Biomechanic filming can be combined with this test as well. Follow-up tests will show the athletes how much his or her running economy as increased through technique changes.

    Heart rate recording/downloading of training sessions

    We have several new heart rate monitors that can to store up to 60 workout/racing sessions. The heart rates can be stored in 5, 15 or 60 second intervals during each workout and then can be downloaded for analysis. This gives the coach and athlete accurate information on the intensity of each type of workout the athlete is performing. Our heart rate monitors can be used in a variety of athletic arenas.

    The monitors are available for check-out on a hand receipt after a quick training session on how to program them. The computer interface unit and computer are also available to any team/athlete that purchase their own heart rate monitors. We can give you information on which monitors are compatible with our interface units if you are in the market to purchase a few new heart rate monitors for your team.

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